Join the Community of Washington Latin

Free and accessible to families from all eight wards of the District, the school seeks young women and men of good character who are eager to learn and willing to work.

Washington Latin is open to any DC student.  We are an open enrollment public charter school; there are no admissions requirements except DC residency.

Open Houses (In-person & Virtual)

  • Meet members of our administration and faculty, parents, and students
  • Learn what a Classical Education for the Modern World means
  • Find out about applying through MySchoolDC, including how to increase your chance of “winning” the lottery
Our open houses begin at 6:30 pm; we end presentations by 7:30 and have time for questions until about 8:00 pm. Students are also VERY welcome.
We will share the dates for these events, tours, and more. Watch this space!

How to Enroll

MySchoolDC – Common Lottery

Washington Latin participates in MySchoolDC, the District-wide common lottery for K-12 education.


Washington Latin – 2nd Street Campus accepts new students in grades 5-9 ONLY; we do not accept new students after 9th grade due to the Latin language requirement for graduation. The largest number of openings is for 5th grade (95 slots).


Washington Latin – The Anna Julia Cooper Campus opened in 2022 with a portion of 5th grade and a full 6th grade. We are adding a grade each year until we reach our full complement of grades 5-12 in 2028-29. In the 2024 lottery for the 2024-25 school year, we will accept students in grades 5 (95 spots) and any open seats in grades 6-8. The largest number of openings is for 5th grade (95 slots).


Check our How to Apply Quick Start Guide to submit an application through MySchoolDC.

Equitable Access Preference

Washington Latin welcomes all DC students!


Washington Latin is offering a new preference this year. The Equitable Access Preference allows us to set aside seats for students who are considered at risk, defined in DC as those who:

  • Are experiencing homelessness.
  • Are in the DC foster care system.
  • Qualify for government benefits such as SNAP or TANF.

We want to make sure that our school, both the new campus and our current location, are accessible to families across DC and in all circumstances. Students who qualify for this preference will be matched with Washington Latin FIRST, so it makes the chances of a match with our school much higher than in the regular lottery.

How do eligible families use this preference?

On the last screen of the application, you see this statement:

“One or more of the schools you listed on your application may offer an Equitable Access preference for applicants that have met the preference criteria as measured by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education as measured between April 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022. Please click below to give consent to My School DC to coordinate with OSSE to determine if your child should receive this preference and transmit that information to the school.”

Learn more about lottery preferences at


Questions? Please contact us at [email protected]!