Washington Latin is a liberal arts, college preparatory network of schools with a classical mission. We serve more than 1,000 students in grades 5-12 from across the District across our two campuses.

Many schools are not sure what they stand for. Such is not the case at Washington Latin Public Charter Schools. Our two schools possess a particular culture and a clear mission. We believe that all students deserve a quality education that goes beyond preparation and focuses on developing knowledge, understanding and humanity.  At Latin, words matter, ideas matter, and people matter.  We strive to help our students become thoughtful people who will contribute to the public good and continue a lifelong quest towards a fuller humanity.

We believe that education is a training of character, and character is the intersection of intellectual development and moral integrity. We aim towards an ideal in our program: developing students to be thoughtful people who will contribute to the public good and continue a life-long quest towards a fuller humanity. Our program focuses on developing each student’s ability to be thoughtful, to consider the views and needs of others, and to act with integrity. The greatest challenge comes in our expectation that students will think before they act and do what is right rather than what is expedient.

Classical Curriculum

Our classical curriculum informs, provokes, and inspires students. We want our students to develop a deep knowledge of themselves and the world. Our students study the language, literature, and history of the ancients. We also believe, as did the ancients, that education is a training of character, and character is the intersection of intellectual development and moral integrity.

Excellent Faculty

We know that quality teaching is a crucial factor in every student’s success at Latin; our classical education relies on personal attention from excellent teachers. Washington Latin teachers are committed to student success, creating a culture of learning, and the ability to manage a diverse group of students.

Small Classes

The Washington Latin model relies on small classes and an overall small school community. Our lofty curricular goals require educational intimacy; we cannot allow our students to be anonymous. This also allows our diverse community to achieve a closeness not possible in a larger context, and mutual trust and respect are central to our culture within the classroom and beyond.

Diverse Community

Unlike the majority of public schools, Washington Latin serves a diverse student body; our demographics mirror those of the city. We believe that all students can learn and deserve access to a rigorous, quality education. We have civic and moral obligations to accept all students who come to us for an education. We consider a truly integrated school community to be the only way to accomplish our classical education model, helping students develop the ability to discuss ideas and make moral decisions within a diverse community.