Open now through June 15, 2020

The process for enrolling in next school year (2020-2021) is NOW for all students. This includes both students who have been matched to Latin through the MySchoolDC lottery as well as those currently enrolled who plan on returning next year.

The process this year is all online due to the COVID-19 closure.

There are just a few basic steps plus a couple more for our new students:

  1. Complete the online enrollment form
  2. Provide proof of residency and a signed form
  3. NEW STUDENTS submit additional forms
  4. Submit health and dental forms by the start of school

Details below – email us with any questions! enrollment@latinpcs.org


  • This form gathers information for our student database.Its accuracy is CRITICAL.
  • Please complete a separate form for each child you are (re)enrolling.
  • This form is only available online. If you need assistance completing the form, please contact us.


You may either complete the form on a computer or other device and request an electronic signature link, or print the form and complete it on paper, including the signature. 

Option A - complete online
Option A. Complete the form on your computer, phone, or tablet except the signature
  • Download the form to your computer or other device
  • Complete it on your computer (EXCEPT the signature)
  • Save it with a new name that includes your child’s full name

We will send you a link to provide an electronic signature through DocuSign after we have received and checked the residency documents you provide. NOTE: DocuSign is the only electronic signature we are allowed to accept, according to MySchoolDC.

Option B - complete on paper
Option B. Print the form and complete on paper, including your signature
  • Download the form to your computer or other device
  • Complete it on your computer and then print the completed form OR print it and complete the form on paper
  • Sign the printed copy
  • Scan or photograph the completed and signed form
  • Save it with a new name that includes your child’s full name


  • Gather residency documents (see list in form).
  • Either a scan or a take a photo (phone photo is fine, as long as the document is legible) of each document you are submitting as proof of residency
  • Washington Latin reserves the right to require a hard copy of those documents at a later date.


Option 1 – BEST!

Submit your residency form and proof through the Enrollment form – Preferred! This puts all your enrollment documentation and information in one place.

Option 2

Submit the residency form and required documents by email (enrollment@latinpcs.org).



These are due before school begins and will require your child’s doctor and dentist to complete some information.


A few extra steps in securing your seat at Latin

Students new to Latin who have been matched to our school by the MySchoolDC lottery have a few extra steps. Please complete the seat acceptance, language survey and special needs docs (linked at right).

If you have enrollment questions, please email us at enrollment@latinpcs.org. If you have other questions, including the opportunity to ask questions about the school, please contact Crystal Eleby-El, Director of Recruitment at celebyel@latinpcs.org

Complete the Seat Acceptance Form
  • SY 20-21 Seat Acceptance Form 
  • Please understand that signing and returning the My School DC Seat Acceptance form means you are forfeiting your child’s spot at his or her current school for 2020-2021.
Provide additional information

Complete each of these forms to help us better meet your child’s need when the school year begins.