Enrollment now open for all students

New to Latin or re-enrolling, 2nd Street or Cooper Campus – complete enrollment now!

Please see below for detailed instructions on our (re-)enrollment process. Students will enroll by campus, so be sure to complete the correct enrollment form!

Step 1. Complete the online enrollment form.

Enrollment begins with parents/guardians completing the online enrollment form for the 2nd Street Campus. Note that you must complete the specific form for the campus to which your child has been matched in the MySchoolDC Lottery.

The first and most important part of the enrollment process is this form.

The Enrollment Form can only be completed online.

  • This form is where you give us your contact information, address, and other essential information used for our school records.
  • We need a form completed for each student. Families who have multiple children at either Latin campus will complete a separate form for each child.
  • We suggest that you have all information before you start, including:
    • Your child’s information (date of birth, grade, etc.)
    • Contact information for yourself and a second parent/guardian, if applicable
    • Residency documentation, both the form and copies of residency proof
    • Health documents may be uploaded here but are not due until classes begin. Note that this includes summer school or summer orientation, which is strongly encouraged for all new-to-Latin students.
    • If your child is new to Washington Latin, you submit additional forms (please see below).
    • We strongly encourage you to add required forms to this Enrollment Form, keeping your documents in one location and speeding the process for you.
Step 2. Provide DC residency proof.

All DC public schools (DCPS and public charters, like Latin) require parents/guardians to prove and attest to their DC residency each school year during the enrollment process. This is a three-part process: gather evidence (proof) of your DC residency, complete the DC Residency form, then submit the completed form and proof together to the school.

The first step is about PROOF. As outlined in the DC residency form, there are three ways you can prove your child is a resident of DC:

  1. Verify with a school official. If you are experiencing homelessness, a ward of the District, and/or a participant of a District public benefits program, such as Medicaid, Supplementation Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), check with us.
  2. Verify through the Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). Re-enrolling families/students are often able to verify residency using OTR residency verification process. The enrolling person must have paid taxes in DC during the previous fiscal year and have the student’s Social Security number. The student must be re-enrolling in the same local education agency and enrolling in grades K-12. Login to the system at ossedctax.com. If successful, your verification will then be available for your school to confirm.
  3. Verify by submitting supporting documentation. All items must include the same name and address of the enrolling person as completed on the DC residency verification form and school-based enrollment documents. Please see the list of possible documents. These documents must be uploaded to our enrollment form or emailed to the school.

There is a complete list of documents we can accept as proof on the DC Residency Verification form.

Once you have gathered your residency proof, you can move on to Step 3 and complete the form.

If you have questions about this or need assistance, please contact the appropriate Campus Enrollment Team!

Step 3. Complete DC residency form.
  • Option A. Complete the form on your computer, phone, or tablet except the signature
    • Download the form to your computer or other device
    • Complete it on your computer (EXCEPT the signature)
    • Save it with a new name that includes your child’s full name

    We will send you a link to provide an electronic signature through DocuSign after we have received and checked the residency documents you provide. NOTE: DocuSign is the only electronic signature we are allowed to accept, according to MySchoolDC.

  • Option B. Print the form and complete on paper, including your signature
    • Download the form to your computer or other device
    • Complete it on your computer and then print the completed form OR print it and complete the form on paper
    • Sign the printed copy
    • Scan or photograph the completed and signed form
    • Save it with a new name that includes your child’s full name

NOTE – The residency form is available in several languages:

Step 4. Submit health and dental forms

DC health and dental (oral health) forms are REQUIRED for all students before they can attend school!

  • These are due before school begins and will require your child’s doctor and dentist to complete some information.
  • Note that all students must have updated immunization records on file with the school nurse to return to on-campus classes, including summer school!
  • You can learn about required childhood immunizations on the OSSE website.
  • DC Universal Health Form
  • DC Oral Health Form
Step 5. NEW STUDENTS ONLY - complete 3 more forms

For students New to Washington Latin, we need these TWO forms:

A third form – the Home Language Survey – is required ONLY for students who are enrolling in a DC public school (either charter or DCPS) for the very first time. If your child will enroll at Washington Latin after attending a public school in the District, please do NOT complete this form (it may result in unnecessary testing and paperwork).

New-to-Latin Student Forms

NOTE! The Home Language Survey is required ONLY for students who are enrolling in a DC public school (either charter or DCPS) for the very first time.