New-to-Latin students – Welcome!

We’re excited to welcome you to our community!

Enrollment for new students begins on April 2, 2024! All forms and documentation are due by May 1, 2024.

Note that new students may only be enrolled if matched in the MySchoolDC lottery or offered a spot from the waitlist.

Re-enrollment for current students begins in mid-April.

Current Washington Latin students must re-enroll each year. We will notify all of our current families about the process following our return from Spring Break! (This includes families with both new-to-Latin and returning students.)

New-Student Enrollment - Overview

Washington Latin enrollment is through PowerSchool, our student information system. This system also stores grades, attendance information, contact details, and more. Parents/guardians, you create an account, complete the forms, and then will re-enroll through this system in future years.

This is an online enrollment process, easiest to complete on a computer. 

  1. We send you a brief pre-enrollment form to get started. Complete basic information (child’s name, grade, etc.) and submit. The Enrollment Team will review and confirm that your child is eligible to enroll.
  2. After we verify your child’s information (up to 2 business days), you receive an email from PowerSchool with instructions on setting up an account. You establish your username and password, then add the access code and access password to link your account to your child’s information.
  3. With that PowerSchool account established, enrollment begins! You then login to the account to complete all enrollment forms:
    1. Student information
    2. Parent/guardian information
    3. Household information
    4. DC Residency form
    5. DC residency proof
    6. Health and dental forms
    7. Student agreements/releases (media, directory, field trips)
    8. New students – Special needs
    9. New students – Language survey
    10. New Students – Records request

You can complete all forms at once or save and return to complete forms later. Once you have submitted all forms, our enrollment team will verify your information, reach out with questions or for additional information, and then confirm your child’s enrollment.

For new students, the deadline is May 1, 2024!

We are here to help! If you have questions, please contact our enrollment team (Cooper: [email protected], 2nd St: [email protected])

Step 1. Complete our pre-enrollment form.

New student enrollment begins with parents/guardians completing the pre-enrollment form. 

The link to the pre-enrollment form is included the welcome email sent to you by the principal of your campus, either Mr. Jimmy Kelly for 2nd Street or Ms. Khashiffa Roberts for Cooper. 

This brief pre-enrollment form is the important first first step towards enrolling your child with Washington Latin Public Charter Schools.

  • This brief form requests your child’s name, date of birth, and your contact information. You complete and submit.
  • We verify that your child has been matched with Washington Latin via MySchoolDC and launch the enrollment process.
  • You’ll receive an email outlining the next steps for setting up an account in PowerSchool.
  • You’ll then be able to start officially enrolling your child! Please check below for the detailed instructions.
Step 2. Create your a PowerSchool Account

Once the information that you submitted in the pre-enrollment form has been verified, you will receive an email from PowerSchool with the subject line “Create a parent account for Enrollment”

Use the information from this email to create a new account in PowerSchool.

  • Fill in the requested information to set up your own username and account password.
  • Use the Access ID, access password, and student name contained at the bottom of the email to link your account to your child.

Please note: Your name and your child’s name must match the information from the instructions email exactly in order for PowerSchool to recognize the information as valid.

If you have questions about this or need assistance, please contact the appropriate Campus Enrollment Team!

Step 3. Complete Student, Parent/Guardian, and Household forms

Login to your PowerSchool account. Look for links on the left side of the screen. Click on FORMS. You will see a full list of forms. Start with form 1 Student Information. 

You submit each form within our Enrollment Packet separately.  After you submit, you should be automatically moved on to the next form (Form 2: Parent/Guardian & Emergency Contact Information, Form 3: Student Household Information, etc.) 

Some forms require review by our team, and you will get a message telling you this. You should still be moved on to the next form. If not, you can also click on the name of the form at the top of the screen (they appear as “tabs”).

Steps 4 and 5. Submit residency form and documents

Proof of DC residency is required for all students who are enrolled in a DC public or public charter school. New students are required to submit residency information by the enrollment deadline of May 1!

  • Residency form
    • You will upload the residency verification form in this step.
    • You can complete the required residency verification form on paper and submit a scanned copy of the completed. 
    • You may also request a DocuSign link to complete and sign this form electronically.
  • Residency proof
Step 6. Submit health and dental forms

DC health and dental (oral health) forms are REQUIRED for all students before they can attend school, including summer orientation or summer school!

Step 7. Sign releases/agreements

We ask all parents to confirm several permissions:

  • Directory Information – This allows us to share your name and contact information for purposes of a directory and related outreach.
  • Media release – You select whether we can use photographs and videos of your child on our website, social media and print communications.
  • Field Trips – While we always inform families of upcoming trips, this covers trip permissions overall.
Step 8. Complete new student forms

For new-to-Latin students, you will complete three additional forms, including:

  • Special Needs – please let us know whether your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or has English Language Learner status. Even if your answer is no, we must have this form completed as part of all new students’ enrollment.
  • Records Request – This form allows us to request your child’s records from their previous school.
  • Home Language Survey – This is ONLY for new-to-DC-public-schools students! If your child has enrolled in a DCPS or DC charter school in the past, this form is not necessary.