Jennifer Abercrombie
Library & Technology Assistant

Tayler Ables
MS Health

Edie Abraham-Macht
NYU Resident

Kena Allison
US Science

Peter Anderson
Head of School

Nina Arroyo Santiago
School Therapist

Tiffany Austin
US English, Interim Asst Director of US

Liz Bailey
Student Support

Sean Baldwin
Theatre 5/6

Janet Bandy
Academic Interventionist

Pat Bane
English 5

Maya Barlev
Science 8

Elaina Barroso
Director, Middle School

Adrian Battle
Academic Intervention Specialist

Parag Bhuva
US History

Peter Birkenhead
Theatre 7/8

Kara Brady
Director of the Upper School

Rachel Breitman
Student Support

Amy Brock
Director of Restorative Justice

Adlin Brown
Director of Student Support Services

Kianei Brown
Student Support

Stillman Bruhier
Student Support, Athletics Manager

Tiffany Bufort-Odom
Director of Integrated Services & Homeless Liaison

Aaron Byrd
History 8

Jamille Callum
Assistant Director of Athletics

Li-Jill Chia
Special Projects Coordinator

Kortlen Coleman
Student Support

Christina Colt
US History

Kyler Cook
Latin 5

Kate Cromwell
Director of External Affairs

Nikki D’Angelo
Student Support

Cynthia Davis
Director of Development

Julie Day
Student Support

Nathan Day
US English

Esmeralda Del Cid
Food Services

Pauline Dixon

Teresa Dobler
Science 6

Ebony Dorsey
Science 5

Albert Edmundson
MS School Culture Specialist

Brandon Edwards
US School Culture Specialist

Bob Eleby-El
Director of Athletics

Crystal Eleby-El
Reading Interventionist

Danielle Feist
US English

Elias Figueroa
Director of Facilities

Martita Fleming
Director of Operations

Ada Flores
Food Services

Liz Foley
Dean of Academics

Hope Foster
Counselor & Social Worker

Kate Friedman
Student Support

Caroline Gifford
Chief of Schools

Liam Goff

Carla Gott
Student Support Teacher

Joe Green

Headley Grey

Sereena Hamm
Director of Information Services

Brian Hotchkiss
US English

Carl Hultgren
US English

Geovanna Izurieta
Chief Financial Officer

Jazmyne Keane

Adam Keller
US Science

James Kelly

Dena Kolb
Business Office Manager

Meg Kovach
Assistant Director, Upper School

Crys Latham
Director of College Counseling

Brittany Lee-Bey
Director of Literacy

Lawrence Liu
Chinese & US History, Title IX Coordinator

Camille Locke
Student Support

Carl Lyon
Managing Director of Technology

Simoné Mariotti
PE & Health

Corey Martin
US History, 504 Coordinator

Isaiah Minder
Student Support

Howard Moore
Greek & US Latin

Adele Mujal
Geography 5

Carllistus Obeng
Director of Mental Health & School Psychologist

Emily Pall
MS Math Interventionist

Lacy Peale
English 7

Treshia Pettiford
US School Culture Specialist

Carmelle Philippe
Student Support

Alexander Porcelli
Arabic, Chair of Global Languages

Tamica Prue
Student Support

Shayna Rose
Special Education Compliance Manager

Fatima Sadiq
Student Support

Terry Sheehan
US English

Sadie Sisk
Latin 8

Diana Smith
Chief of Classical Education

Sayaka Smith
College Counselor

Robin Spence
Dean of Academic Operations

John Stiff
US Math & History

Ruey Timberg
ELL Coordinator

Julia Toews
English 8

Rickey Torrence
US Science

Dayla Tucker
Assistant Director of Integrated Services 

Paul vom Eigen
Director of Data Management

Bryan Whitchurch
Classics Department Chair, Latin 7

Reggie Wills
History 7

GraceAnne Woods
NYU Resident

Tom Yonker
US Latin