Jennifer Abercrombie
Library & Technology Assistant

Kena Allison
US Science

Peter Anderson
Head of School

Tiffany Austin
MS & US English

Sean Baldwin
Theatre 5/6

Pat Bane
English 5

Maya Barlev
Science 8

Elaina Barroso
US History

Aaron Baum
US English

Parag Bhuva
US History

Peter Birkenhead
Theatre 7/8

Janelle Bradley
Director of the Middle School

Kara Brady
Director of the Upper School

Stillman Bruhier
Student Support

Tiffany Bufort
Director of Integrated Services

Aaron Byrd
History 8

Jamille Callum
Assistant Director of Athletics

Lydia Chernitsky-Hamd
Student Support

Bill Clausen
Assistant Principal for Academics

US Latin

Chris Coleman
MS Dean of Students

Hazie Crespo
Aspiring Leadership Program Fellow

Kate Cromwell
Director of Advocacy, Communications, & Engagement

Aryn Davis
Director of Mental Health

Michael Davis
Data, Compliance, & Assessments

Nathan Day
US English

Teresa Dobler
Science 6

Ebony Dorsey
Science 5

Albert Edmundson
MS Dean of Students

Brandon Edwards
US Dean of Students

Bob Eleby-El
Director of Athletics

Crystal Eleby-El
Director of Student Recruitment & Alumni Liaison

Elias Figueroa
Director of Facilities

Martita Fleming
Director of Operations

Ada Flores
Food Services

Steffanie Flores

Liz Foley
US English

Hope Foster
Counselor & Social Worker

Kate Friedman
Student Support

Caroline Gifford
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Anna Laura Grant
Peer Mediation & Conflict Resolution Coordinator

Joe Green
English 7

Headley Grey

Joyce Hamd
US History & Student Support

Sereena Hamm

Brian Hotchkiss
US English

Carl Hultgren
US English

Adam Keller
US Science

James Kelly

Bridget Kiley
NYU Teaching Resident

Dena Kolb
Community Partnerships & Development

Meg Kovach
Assistant Director, Upper School

Crys Latham
Director of College Counseling

Brittany Lee-Bey
Reading Specialist

Lawrence Liu
Chinese & US History, Title IX Coordinator

Camille Locke
Student Support

Marilu Lopez
Food Service Coordinator

Carl Lyon
Director of Technology & US Science

Corey Martin
US Latin

Kira McBride
MS & US Latin

Neelam Minera
MS Math Coordinator

Howard Moore
Greek & US Latin

Adele Mujal
Geography 5

Adina Nelson
Student Support

Carenda Nunn
Registrar & Attendance

Amy Oberson

Tom O’Brien
Student Support

Becca Oran
US Science

Lacy Peale
English 7

Treshia Pettiford
US Dean of Students

Yule Pieters
Student Support

Alexander Porcelli
Arabic & US History

Tamica Prue
Student Support

Sarai Reed
Assistant Director, Middle School



Kerry Richardson
Director of Parent Engagement & ELL Coordinator

Fatima Sadiq
Student Support

Laurel Seid
US English

Michelle Silva
NYU Teaching Resident

Sadie Sisk
Latin 8

Diana Smith

JerBria Smith
Health & At-Risk Support

Sayaka Smith
College Counselor

John Stiff
US Math & History

Rickey Torrence
US Science

Yinnie Tse
Director of Finance

Dayla Tucker
MS/US Dean of Students

Bryan Whitchurch
MS & US Latin

Sandra Whitfield
Director of Student Support Services

Reggie Wills
History 7

Tom Yonker
US Latin