MySchoolBucks - New fee payment system

At the start of 2023-24, Washington Latin will shift to MySchoolBucks as the system for making payments of school fees, including for bus transportation, MAGIS afterschool program, field trips, meals, and more. We will no longer use PayPal for payments related to these school costs at either Latin campus – 2nd Street and Cooper – though we will still use PayPal for school donations.

Why this change?

We believe that this system will make it easier for families to register for school activities and pay fees in a single location. It will also make it easier for us to track payments, send invoices, and support our families. 

What will families pay for in MySchoolBucks?

Items you will be able to pay for through MySchoolBucks include:

  • Bus transportation – sign up, agree to the behavior agreement, and pay
  • Planners – Purchase at school, pay on MSB ($10 each)
  • MAGIS afterschool – coming soon!
  • Meals – we will use MySchoolBucks to invoice families – stay tuned!
  • Other school fees will be added to the system this fall – watch for notices.

What is the first step?

Each family registers for a MySchoolBucks account. This takes just a few minutes. Once established, you can login to your account on a computer or phone via web or their own app.

For detailed instructions, please check our MySchoolBucks Quick Start Guide.

How will I pay school fees?

Latin will link MySchoolBucks to any school fee information or request, such as signing up for the Latin bus or MAGIS. You will sign up and pay fees in one location!

What about donations?

Those will still go through PayPal – no change!

Questions or need help?

We will be at the 8/20 Back to School Get Together to help families sign up and answer questions. You can also check the Make Payments page for more information. You can contact us through [email protected] to ask about school services or fees.

Register for the Cooper Bus

Standard morning pick-up times are as follows:

  • Hillcrest/Anacostia – Pick-up at 7:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Lidl shopping center near Good Hope Road, Alabama Avenue, and Naylor Road, SE
  • Northeast Capitol Hill – Pick-up at 7:20 am at the corner of 9th and Maryland NE, near Washington Community Fellowship church (bus originating at Hillcrest/Anacostia)
  • Southeast Capitol Hill – Pick-up at 7:20 am at the corner of 8th and Independence SE, by the 90/92 bus stop
  • 2nd Street Shuttle – Pick-up at 7:35 in the parking lot at 5200 2nd Street, NW

Return buses will depart for all locations shortly after the end of school. There is no late bus service from Cooper Campus

 Bus service is free for families who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals.  Other families may pay by the season or for the full year.  Rates for service from Hillcrest/Anacostia and Capitol Hill are:

  • FALL – August 24 through October 31 (47 days round trip x $14.50/day) $678
  • WINTER – November 1 through February 29 (73 days round trip x $14.50/day) $1058
  • SPRING – March 1 through June 7 (59 days round trip x $14.50/day) $864 OR
  • ALL YEAR – August 24 through June 7 - $2470 (5% discount for payment in full at start of year) – by 8/31/23.  Families may instead elect to pay $260 monthly for 10 months (August to May) by setting up automatic payments from a credit or debit card. 

  2nd Street Shuttle

Latin will also offer a shuttle service from our 2nd Street campus departing at 7:35 am from 5200 2nd Street, NW.  The cost for full-year, round trip service on this shuttle will be $1500.  Service is free for families who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals.  

REGISTRATION is now available through MySchoolBucks.

Cooper Bus Route Information






NE Capitol Hill

9th and Maryland NE, near Washington Community Fellowship church

7:20 am (arrival at Cooper by 7:40 am)

9th and Maryland NE, near Washington Community Fellowship church

3:50 pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (departs Cooper at 3:30/3:35 pm)

3:35 pm Fri (departs Cooper at 3:15 pm)

SE Capitol Hill

8th and Independence SE, by the 90/92 bus stop

7:20 am (arrival at Cooper by 7:40 am)

8th and Independence SE, by the 90/92 bus stop

3:50 pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (departs Cooper at 3:30/3:35 pm)

3:35 pm Fri (departs Cooper at 3:15 pm)


Town Center Drive in the Lidl Shopping Center parking lot, near Alabama Ave and Good Hope Road, in front of Starbucks, Lidl and &Pizza

7:00 am (stops to pick up at NE Capitol Hill; arrival at Cooper by 7:40am)

Town Center Drive in the Lidl Shopping Center parking lot, near Alabama Ave and Good Hope Road, in front of Starbucks, Lidl and &Pizza

4:15 pm (departs Cooper at 3:30/3:35; stops first at NE Capitol Hill)


4:00 pm Fri (departs Cooper at 3:15 pm)

2nd Street Shuttle

5200 2nd Street, NW

7:35 am (arrival at Cooper by 7:50 am)

5200 2nd Street, NW

3:45 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, (departs Cooper at 3:30)

3:30 pm Wed, Fri (departs Cooper at 3:15)

During Sports Seasons:

3:35 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs (departs Cooper at 3:20)

3:30 pm Fri (departs Cooper at 3:15)

3:45 pm Wed (departs Cooper at 3:30)

Washington Latin Bus Behavior Agreement

The buses provided by Washington Latin Public Charter Schools are considered an extension of the schools. While riding the bus, students are expected to behave in the same manner as in the classroom, building and campuses.

The ability to ride the school bus is a privilege, not a right, and may be rescinded at any time. The bus driver and bus monitor are responsible for the safety and welfare of students on the bus, and students should adhere to their instructions at all times.  The driver and/or bus monitor will report any infractions of the rules below to school administrators who will follow up on the issue and take appropriate action.  A meeting with a parent and member of the administration may be required before the student will be allowed to ride the bus again. A second offense will mean that the student may no longer ride the bus. There will no longer be a warning given for misbehavior, nor will there be an appeal process if the bus staff recommends suspension.

Please note that not meeting these expectations may lead to the student being removed from the bus for the remainder of that season with forfeit of payment.

The driver, the monitor, and Latin expect that students will adhere to the following bus rules:

  • Students must maintain appropriate distance on the bus at all times
  • Students are requested to use hand sanitizer when boarding the bus
  • Students will remain seated at all times and may not move from their seats until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Students’ actions should not cause the driver to be distracted while the bus is moving.
  • Students may talk quietly with a neighbor but not talk in an overly loud voice, scream, or yell.
  • There is to be no profanity, vulgar language, or gestures.
  • Students should confine their activity inside the bus. All body parts (head, arms, long hair, etc.) must be kept inside the bus. Students should refrain from gesturing, talking, or in any way interacting with pedestrians or other drivers.
  • Students should maintain the cleanliness and condition of the bus by not writing on any part of the bus, ripping or tearing seat covers, throwing anything, or leaving litter on the bus.
  • There is to be no threatening or sexual harassment of others.
  • There is to be no throwing of anything within the bus or out of the window of the bus.
  • There is to be no wrestling, spitting, fighting, pushing, and/or shoving.
  • There is no holding of seats for other students; students should take the window seats if available to allow efficient loading of the bus from the center aisle.

We, parents/guardians and child(ren), have read, understand, and accept that riding the bus provided by Washington Latin PCS is a privilege. We further understand and accept that child(ren) may be removed from the bus if, in the view of Washington Latin authorities their actions, behavior, attitude, tardiness, and/or lack of compliance with expectations endanger or create problems for the driver or other students.  We further understand and accept that removal from the bus will extend for the remainder of the season (Fall, Winter, or Spring) with no refund.

Students and parents/guardians will sign this form through MySchoolBucks.



Questions?                               Contact Martita Fleming, Director of Operations 202.223.1111 x114   [email protected]

Financial assistance is available!

No student will be turned away from services or opportunities at Washington Latin for financial reasons.

If you cannot afford any of these payments, please contact us! We are committed to keeping the school accessible to all. Families are encouraged to complete the federal Free and Reduced Meals (FARMs) form. Qualifying for free or reduced-cost meals also qualifies families for free or reduced costs for other payments (bus transportation, after care, etc.)

Washington Latin PCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, federal tax ID number 20-2395640.

Questions or need to discuss payment options? Please contact Director of Operations, Martita Fleming at 202.223.1111.


Donations to Support Latin

We appreciate our many donors for their support of Washington Latin! To make a donation, please visit Support Us or use the Latin Pride button below to make a donation to our annual fund.

Questions? Please contact Kate Cromwell.