“To all who seek to learn and all who love to teach”

We believe that education is a training of character, and character is the intersection of intellectual development and moral integrity. 


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Soccer Sails On to the Championship

The middle school girls have continued to their undefeated soccer season with an exciting win on Tuesday against Capital City Public Charter School, 8-1. The goals were scored by Caroline Ball, Sylvie Mogul, Dami Akinsanya, Niamh O'Donovan. Greer McPhie, with two...

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Teachers in Training

With a shortage of daycare options, several faculty members brought their children to school on Monday. Faculty children helped clean the cafeteria, erased the white boards, shadowed in classrooms, and even took math tests and did homework!

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Food by Another Name Would Not Taste as Sweet

On Thursday, students in Chinese I took a field trip to Rockville, MD to an Asian food court and Chinese supermarket. Mr. Liu has taught the class to use Chinese words for food and money so they could practice ordering and purchasing food. The modern language classes...

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The Rumor Mill

Students will perform the Neil Simon play "Rumors" on November 21, 22, and 23.  The fall drama is directed by our theatre department teachers. The story takes place at the 10th anniversary party of the Deputy Mayor of New York, Charlie Brock, and his wife Myra.  The...

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Stoked on STEM

Physics and AP Environmental Science teacher Mr. Torrence and librarian Ms. Hamm took 24 students to the Association of Old Crows STEM Symposium last week.They had the opportunity to fly real drones and virtual planes, control robots, design ships, wear bomb squad...

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  • Fall Athletics Awards

    11/25/2019  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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  • Thanksgiving Break- SCHOOL CLOSED

    11/27/2019 - 11/29/2019  
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