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DE NOVIS – What’s New

Back to School Information 2023-24

It’s coming – the new school year is just around the corner. We will share information with families in a series of emails, and the information is found here, as well.

Questions? Please contact us! [email protected]

Daily Schedules
Register for fall sports (MS, US)


Upper School – Open Friday 8/11 – Monday 8/21
Middle School – Opens Tuesday 8/15

Middle School Fall Sports Registration is OPEN for all Latin Middle School students at 2nd Street and Cooper Campuses!  Weather permitting, practice days are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 PM when school is in-session. Tryouts dates are Tuesday, 9/5 and Thursday, 9/6. 

Please find a list of fall sports, coaches and tryout/practice times below:
MS Girls Soccer (cut-sport 6-8)
MS Boys Soccer (cut-sport 6-8)
Head Coach: Ms. Amy Brock [email protected]

Coed Flag Football (cut-sport 6-8)
Head Coach: TBA

MS Girls Cross Country (6-8 no-cut)
MS Boys Cross Country (6-8 no-cut)
Head Coach: Mr. Joe Green [email protected]

MS Girls Volleyball (cut-sport 6-8)
Head Coach: Ms. Futcha Williams [email protected]

Schoology Information

Schoology – Latin’s Learning Management System

Schoology is an online system where teachers post information about their courses, including expectations, calendar, assignments, and dates of quizzes and tests. All Latin students in grades 5-12 have a Schoology account linked to the courses in which they are enrolled, where they can access class assignments, turn in homework, and check their grades and attendance. 

Parents/guardians can create an account in Schoology to see information regarding their child(ren). You should have received information by email from our Tech Department about how to set up your parent account, including your access code. We are also sharing that information below (find the code in your inbox). 

What do you do with your parent Schoology account?

Once you have created your parent account, you will be able to do the following:

  1. See your child(ren)’s full schedule.
  2. Open any of your children’s classes to see:
    1. Current grade (overall and for each submitted assignment)
    2. Course syllabus, grading rubric, and other general information
    3. Upcoming assignments and projects, including handouts and links
    4. Course calendar, including test dates and assignment due dates

If you have a Schoology account from last year that you still know how to access, there is no need to do any further.  If you don’t have a Schoology account yet, or if you’d like to add a new account with a different email address, please visit the Tech page for more information.

New Chromebook Policies
We are modifying our 1:1 Chromebook Program in the Middle School to limit academic screen time and develop healthy tech habits, especially for our youngest students. 
  • 5th graders will have access to Chromebooks in every classroom rather than a device being issued to each student for use at school and home. Instead, they will use classroom devices as needed for the lesson in each class, returning it to the cart when that class period ends.

  • 6th graders will also have access to Chromebooks in every classroom rather than being issued a device. We will use the devices issued last year to our now-6th graders to create the 6th grade classroom Chromebook supply. To do this, we need 6th graders to bring their school-issued devices (Chromebook + charger) to school! They may do so at 6th grade orientation on 8/22 or on the first day of school. 

  • 7th and 8th graders will keep their assigned personal devices and continue to have them both at school and at home. 

  • Upper School students will also continue to use their assigned personal devices, which travel between school and home for classwork and homework.


Teachers in all grades will  be mindful of these changes when assigning homework or longer-term projects. Over the course of the year, however, some computer-based homework may be assigned in 5th and 6th grades. Many of our families have a home computer that their children can access for this limited number of assignments. If not, families can apply for a loaner Chromebook for the school year for homework purposes. The device would need to be returned to us at the end of the academic year. Please note that our supply is limited, however. If a student receives a loaner device, it is subject to our tech use and repair/replacement policies. 

GoGuardian Content Filtering Program

We are continuing the rollout of the GoGuardian tools to help ensure that our students are accessing appropriate content on school-issued Chromebooks while using school Google accounts. We announced last spring that we were piloting this tool, and we have moved past the pilot phase and will use this tool in all grades this school year. We will use both GoGuardian Admin and Teacher products, which will filter content and monitor student computer use.

Why these changes?

We know the benefits of providing students with access to rich and varied digital content. At the same time, young students can be distracted by this, with detrimental effects both in and out of the classroom. We also heard from many of our families that they wanted an intentional limit on the accessibility of the Chromebooks. Our goal with this change is to help students to limit access while we work with them to develop initial digital literacy, so that they are ready to make productive and effective use of a personal device in later grades. 

Parent survey on technology

Please complete this two-minute survey to let us know what you are thinking about our technology program and changes for the 2023-24 school-year.

New Cell Phone Policy
Student Cell Phones (and other devices)

As you may recall, last school year students in 7th and 8th grades had some access to their cell phones during the school day. We are changing this policy, based on both our observations and parent feedback, recognizing the potential distraction phones and other smart devices can create in the classroom.

In our Middle School, students will not have access to their cell phones or other smart devices through the school day. 

We are asking for parents to partner with us by being mindful that students will not have access to their phones during the day in the Middle School. If you need to contact your student with an important message, please call our front desk, and we will relay that information to your student.

In the Upper School, students are expected to silence all devices and put them away and out of sight, in their bags or pockets, during class.

They are allowed to use devices during breaks and lunch, but we ask that airpods stay away throughout the day while in the school building so students can fully engage in our community and with one another. Students may only use cell phones or headphones/airpods during class or study hall if they are given permission from their teacher for academic reasons (example: listening to a TedTalk for Health class or completing a live on-screen competition in Biology review).

The change speaks to our commitment to the development of our students’ ability to seek the conversation. We aim to reduce the potential for off-task behavior during the school day and advocate for consistent, tech-free interaction and engagement among students.

Register for MAGIS
MAGIS (meaning more in Latin) is our afterschool program for Middle Schoolers.
Session I Dates: September 5 – November 2
Session II Dates: November 6 – February 22
Session II Dates: February 26 – June 6
Cost per session (Note: reduced rates for families who qualify for free/reduced price meals!)
Session I
One Day: $166.50
Two Days: $333
Three Days: $499.50
Four Days: $666
Drop-In: $25
To register and pay, please use your MySchoolBucks account. To learn more about this new system or for detailed information about how to set up your account, please visit the Make Payments page.
Questions about the program: email Treshia Pettiford, 2nd Street MAGIS Program Lead
Questions about registration or payment: email Dena Kolb, Business Office Manager.
Questions about the Free/Reduced Price Meal form: email Martita Fleming, Director of Operations
MySchoolBucks - New fee payment system
At the start of 2023-24, Washington Latin will shift to MySchoolBucks as the system for making payments of school fees, including for bus transportation, MAGIS afterschool program, field trips, meals, and more. We will no longer use PayPal for payments related to these school costs at either Latin campus – 2nd Street and Cooper – though we will still use PayPal for school donations.

Why this change?

We believe that this system will make it easier for families to register for school activities and pay fees in a single location. It will also make it easier for us to track payments, send invoices, and support our families. 

What will families pay for in MySchoolBucks?

Items you will be able to pay for through MySchoolBucks include:

  • Bus transportation – sign up, agree to the behavior agreement, and pay
  • Planners – Purchase at school, pay on MSB ($10 each)
  • MAGIS afterschool – coming soon!
  • Meals – we will use MySchoolBucks to invoice families – stay tuned!
  • Other school fees will be added to the system this fall – watch for notices.

What is the first step?

Each family registers for a MySchoolBucks account. This takes just a few minutes. Once established, you can login to your account on a computer or phone via web or their own app.

For detailed instructions, please check our MySchoolBucks Quick Start Guide.

How will I pay school fees?

Latin will link MySchoolBucks to any school fee information or request, such as signing up for the Latin bus or MAGIS. You will sign up and pay fees in one location!

What about donations?

Those will still go through PayPal – no change!

Questions or need help?

We will be at the 8/20 Back to School Get Together to help families sign up and answer questions. You can also check the Make Payments page for more information. You can contact us through [email protected] to ask about school services or fees.

Register for the Bus

Registration is now open for chartered bus service from Hillcrest/ Anacostia, Glover Park, Tenleytown, and Eastern Market for the 2023-2024 school year.  For information on routes, pricing, and to register, please visit the 2nd St Make Payments page.

Nota bene!

Washington Latin will now use the MySchoolBucks platform for all school fee payments – please read below! For the bus, registration is built into MySchoolBucks along with payments.

Register now for your MySchoolBucks account, so you are ready to pay for fees, including the bus, uniform patches and planners at the Back-to-School Get Together!

LEGES – Policies

DC Public Charter Board Profile of Latin

Visit the DC Public Charter School Board profiles for Washington Latin Middle School and Upper School including academic performance data, financial statements, and more.

All Washington Latin Policies
Please visit our Policies page for information on a range of policies at Latin, including the overall organization and at 2nd Street.
Uniform Policy & Purchasing

Uniform Policy & Purchasing

Washington Latin believes that appearance is important and requires students to meet the highest standards of dress and deportment. We see families as our partners in ensuring that students come to school each day as representatives of our school community.

School uniforms are an important part of the culture at Washington Latin. Uniforms serve many purposes; foundational among them is that they communicate the shared objective of learning and that the school is a place for serious academic pursuits. The school uniform can also help to alleviate anxiety about dress choices for school and reduce non- academic distractions in the school environment.

We require all students to wear uniforms and always adhere to the Uniform Policy while in the school building and at school-sponsored functions. Students’ personal presentation should reflect modesty, neatness, and cleanliness. Students are not to wear hats or other headwear except for medical reasons or as personal religious beliefs dictate.

All Washington Latin administration and faculty will strictly enforce the following Uniform Policy. Failure to adhere to the Uniform Policy will result in strategic intervention or disciplinary action; chronic non- adherence may lead to additional discipline action. Washington Latin also reserves the right to change this policy as needed.

Daily School-wide Uniform

Uniforms are to be worn with careful attention to proper presentation, appearance, and sizing. The basic Latin uniform consists of khaki (tan) or navy slacks or dress pants and a collared white, gray, or navy polo shirt with the Latin logo. Please see the following list of acceptable items and other notes.


  • A navy, gray, or white long- or short-sleeved polo shirt with school
  • You may purchase plain white, gray or navy polos from any store of your choice. This can be worn with a logo patch you sew on yourself (available at the Latin School Store), or a logo added by G-Land for a small fee.
  • Seniors may wear a plain, white, gray, or navy, collared shirt (professional wear).


  • Students may wear navy, gray or white sweaters and sweatshirts; sweaters and sweatshirts must either have the Latin logo or be completely solid and plain.
  • You may purchase navy sweaters/vests/cardigans from any store of your choice and then add the logo. This can be with a patch you sew on yourself (available at the Latin School Store), or a logo added by G-Land for a nominal fee.
  • Students must wear a collared shirt under their sweater or sweatshirt.

Pants, skirts and dresses and other bottoms

  • Khaki (tan) or navy slacks or dress pants, shorts, or Blue jeans, sweatpants, and variations of brown and olive green are strictly not allowed.
  • Khaki or navy pants, shorts or skirts may be purchased from a store of your G-Land and Land’s End offer them, but you do not have to purchase from them.
  • Students may wear solid leggings or tights in navy, gray, white, or black with shorts and Fishnet leggings and stockings are not allowed.
  • Students may wear a navy polo dress with school logo (available through Lands End only).
  • Also allowed are khaki (tan) jumpers with school logo, worn with a collared shirt


  • Coats, jackets, gloves, hats, skullcaps, and head wraps must be removed once students enter the building, except as medical reasons or personal religious beliefs dictate.


  • Students must wear closed-toe shoes. Slip-ons or open-toed sandals are not allowed.
  • Shoes and socks should be school appropriate. Beyond this, there are no specific restrictions on color, etc.

Physical Education and Athletics Wear

  • 5th and 6th grade – Students are required to purchase their physical education uniforms: a gray Latin shirt, cardinal Latin mesh shorts, gray Latin crewneck sweatshirt, and gray Latin sweatpants. The sweatshirt may also be worn during school and in the classroom. Families need to purchase all items only from GLand Uniforms or at the PFA Used Uniform sales (occasional sales are held at both campuses.)
  • 7th and 8th grade – Students purchase athletic team uniforms directly from Washington Latin. Our team coaches or the Athletics Director will provide a form to all students seasonally with details.
  • Upper School – Athletic team uniforms are provided to all players by the school and are expected to be returned at the end of the season. If a uniform is lost or damaged, the student will be required to pay the replacement cost.

•      Neither athletic wear nor sleep wear may be worn except as enumerated in this policy.

Purchasing Uniforms

Latin uniforms are available from the following vendors. Every item that you find in our sections with these vendors has been pre-approved by the school.

Logo Patches

  • You can purchase logo patches to sew onto plain polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, These will be available at the start of school events and throughout the year at the front desk.

Used Uniforms – $5/each

  • The Parent-Faculty Association sells gently used uniform items donated by other Latin families. For a nominal contribution to the PFA, you can add to your child(ren)’s wardrobe and save the planet!
  • We accept donations of clean, gently used items throughout the year at the front offices of both campuses.
  • Sales are ongoing throughout the year and most active at the start of school. You can purchase used uniforms at these events. Note that we do not have an ongoing used uniform store.
  • Payments can be made with cash, check, or through PayPal (use the button on the School Store page of our website.)