We are delighted to announce that Meg Kovach will serve next year as the Assistant Director of the Upper School. Working with Director of the Upper School Kara Brady, Ms. Kovach will build on her work as the 9th Grade Lead and work with all Upper School grades to ensure our students have what they need to succeed as students and grow towards adulthood during their four years of high school.
Ms. Kovach joined Latin in 2019-20 as a Math teacher. A gifted educator, she balances high expectations with a huge heart. Even during the pandemic, she has demonstrated an unflagging passion for working with high school students and ability to connect with them. Ms. Brady was one of those impressed with Ms. Kovach: “Working with her more closely in her role as the ninth grade team leader this year made it abundantly apparent to me how valuable she is to both students and faculty alike.”   At some schools, a move into the administration might suggest a move away from student-facing work. This is not the case at Latin generally and certainly not true for Ms. Kovach. In fact, she is excited about her new position increasing opportunities to work with students and help meet their needs, whether through formal programs and initiatives or through individually crafted solutions.
Meg started her career as a math teacher and worked most recently in a large comprehensive high school in Prince George’s County, where she served as the Chair of the Math Department. In spite of her success and continued passion for working with high school students, Meg came to see the size of the school (with about 700 students per grade) to be an impediment to meeting the varied needs of her students. At the urging of a friend on the Latin faculty, she met with Principal Smith and could instantly feel a difference. “It was immediately clear to me that Diana – and by extension Latin – was a place that wanted to understand me as a person rather than a resume. That focus on the individual is of course what Latin is all about and the reason I wanted to teach here.”
We are so glad she did make that move to come to Latin! Please join us in congratulating her on this new role.