Physicists Take Flight

AP Physics took a field trip to iFly. The indoor sky diving location in Maryland provides students with the experience of flight using The field trip demonstrates how drag forces act on different surface areas and textures. Ms. Shapiro, the AP Physics teacher, brought the students on the trip so they could experience the feeling of flight and see physics forces at work.

All The Answers

The Washington Latin quiz bowl team travelled in late February to Baltimore to compete in the Johns Hopkins Winter Invitational today. One team featured seniors Oliver Stevens, Harry Hirsch, and Shelby Ferncrombie and another included sophomores Dylan Paglee, Ben Southworth, and Cooper Davenport. The team competed amongst 18 teams and over 80 players. The seniors started with a strong 6-3 preliminary round and earned a spot in the top 2 playoff groups, but eventually fell short of the championship game. Oliver placed 10th overall in preliminary round points and earned a book prize. The underclassmen finished 2-0 in the afternoon games.

Our Day in Court

Last Friday, the Government class participated in the DC Circuit Court Historical Society’s mock court program, alongside students from H.D. Woodson, Maret, School Without Walls and McKinley Tech. Latin students from Mr. Liu’s government class presented oral arguments before U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Jackson. The Latin students created smart responses to tough questions on a hypothetical Fourth Amendment case. Judge Jackson named senior Luke Tewalt as the outstanding advocate for her courtroom. Students that participated included Nathanael Cooper, Arthayuga Briscoe, Daisy Hand, Shelby Ferncrombie, Jala Lee, Antonina Gomez, Sydney Weaver, Micah Gans, Luke Tewalt, Isaiah Stewart, Maren Cochran, Jia Fleming, Zoe Woods-Arthur, Benjamin Southworth and Mason Gray. Special thanks go to the outside volunteer attorneys from the Department of Justice and Goodwin Procter LLP, who helped our students prepare.

World War in World History

10th grade World History students are running a WWII simulation after school in Mr. Bhuva’s class. One team member should have their top-secret mission binders out in every class. The students will represent countries including Germany, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Great Britain, the United States, Italy, Japan, France, Yugoslavia, Belgium, China, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, and the USSR.

We The People

Upper schoolers went on a government class field trip through the DC Circuit Court Historical Society on Friday. They presented oral arguments in a mock Fourth Amendment case before a real federal judge at a federal courthouse downtown. The class is taught by Mr. Liu, who previously worked as a lawyer and policy advisor.

Where in the World

Washington Latin seventh grader Michael, who won the Middle School Geography Bee in January took an online test to qualify for the State level Geography Bee. He will be competing at the State-level GeoBee on March 27 at the National Geographic building.