Moving and Grooving

Moving and Grooving

Fifth graders in Ms. Dorsey’s science class did an energy investigation, considering the forces of potential and kinetic energy by creating their own roller coasters. The engineering challenge was for students to create a design using tape and toilet paper tubes that would maximize gravitational potential energy and turn it into kinetic energy. The students rolled marbles down the roller coasters and measured the distance the marbles traveled after exiting the coasters.  The hands-on approach to science got everyone excited and moving!

We Want Wind!

Eighth graders in Ms. Barlev’s science class engineered and built windmills in their study of climate change. Using various materials to construct their windmills students made videos using breath, a hairdryer, a fan, or wind to show their machine’s movement and explained their designs and how they worked. In the climate change unit, students are studying different causes of climate change and researching and evaluating different solutions. Other options for the unit project include a research project on alternative energy, or green technology and  starting an advocacy organization.

Senior Sensations

Seniors are gearing up for a month of exciting activities. Friday will be the Junior/Senior prom with the theme of Enchanted Garden in a large tent on the field. Students will vote to elect their prom royalty on the night of the dance. There will also be a Senior Cookout at 6pm on the 7th and a Junior Senior Bonfire the same night. Finally, seniors will gear up for an in-person valediction to bid adieu to Ms. Smith on June 11th, and of course graduation at Bengie’s Drive-in on the 14th. 

Riding the Waves

Sixth graders in Ms. Dobler’s science class were investigating the properties and movement of sound waves this week during laboratory time. Students modeled how sound travels using slinkies. They also used tuning forks to investigate the relationship between sound and vibrations and different ways that the sound you hear can change, and got to see inside a speaker to see how it creates the vibrations that make the sounds we hear.

Softball Plays Hard

The Varsity Softball team also won Monday with a nail biting triumph over Paul Public Charter School. Sophomore Laila Anderson-White pitched a complete game, hit a home run and drove in a winning RBI. Junior Sydney Weaver and senior Hawa Stuff had multiple hits, along with sophomore Zoe Riedel, who scored multiple RBI’s. Sophomore Ella Kramer scored the winning run. The team is coached by Mr. Staten and Ms. Kolb. 


The middle school Baseball A Team defeated Basis Monday 11 to 1. The team, coached by Mr. Staten and Mr. Coleman includes students in grades 6 through 8. Eighth grader Wesley Freed was the winning pitcher, striking out 9 in the four innings of play. Seventh grader Tate Meier and eighth grader Liam Saxon both had home runs.