Swim Stars

The Washington Latin Middle School Swim Team competed in the final meet of the season, the St. Albans International. Seven members competed, coached by middle school math teacher Ms. Kolb. Fifth grader Robert Campbell finished 1st in the 50 yard freestyle race, and first in the 50 yard butterfly.  The girls 200 Medley Relay team of 8th graders Celia Servaites and Charlotte Lin, sixth grader Alice Lin, and fifth grader Tilly Mott finished third. Alice Lin and Claire Campbell finished 4th and 5th overall in the 50 year freestyle, out of 22 swimmers. Alice also earned a 5th place finish in the 100 meter. Celia came in fourth in the 50 meter freestyle as well as 2nd place in the 50 meter butterfly.  Charlotte finished 5th in the 100 meter race.  Tillie Mott finished 3rd in the 50 meter backstroke. Alice, Tillie, and Claire finished 5th, 6th, and 7th in the 100 meter race.

Evolving Earth

Sixth graders took a trip to the Natural History museum this week to learn about how Earth has changed over time. They visited the exhibits on Plate Tectonics, Rocks Gems and Minerals, and  fossils. They will be collecting data that both connects to and deepens what they have been learning in science class with Ms. Dobler. Throughout the year students are engaged in a study of local waterways, but will use this knowledge to get a deeper understanding of what is happening to the planet.

Presidential Politics

Students in eighth grade history are evaluating the work and achievements of the first five presidents this quarter. Students considered the framers of the constitution’s ideas about the role of presidents in the new nation, and evaluated how the presidents met these goals, through their international treaties, growth of the new nation, trade laws, and attempts to avoid continued war.  In history classes at Washington Latin, students use critical thinking skills like comparison, evaluation, and synthesis to draw conclusions about the meaning of historical events, rather than simply memorizing dates on a timeline.

Paideia Proud

Over the weekend, senior Kim Montpelier presented at the annual Paideia conference in NYC. Her talk was on Faltonia Betitia Proba, a 4th century female Roman poet. Kim delivered this speech in LATIN! She is the only high schooler ever to have presented in Latin at the conference. Kim has continued to work on her studies in both Latin and Greek over the summer in Europe through grants from the Paideia Institute.

International Affairs

Seniors Shelby Ferncrombie, Maddy Katz, and Sara Auriemma and sophomores Nalla Diallo and Benjamin Southworth earned verbal commendations an honorable mention at the Model UN conference in early February.  The conference, held at American University, was also attended by sophomore history teacher Ms. Hamd, who advises the club, and Mr. Janick, the Urban Teachers intern who participates in her class. Many other upper school students attended the conference, which focused on the Carribean.

Researchers on the Rise

The middle school science fair last Thursday allowed students to share their original research, as the fifth, sixth, and seventh graders showcased their experiments and the results. In fifth grade, Nora O’Donovan and Rina Saxon came in first with a study of the sugar content of soda, sports drinks and orange juice. Avis Weeden and Jesse Sweek came in second, with a study of the distance traveled by soccer balls filled with air and water. Finally, Gideon Chaffee and Christopher Amaya Camacho earned third place with their research about which liquid evaporates faster: water, milk, coke, or gatorade. The fifth graders, advised by science teacher Ms. Dorsey, completed their own tests of their hypotheses, recorded data, and displayed their results to outside judges. In sixth and seventh grade, students in Ms. Dobler and Ms. Hinkson’s classes competed. First place was Preston Olander,  second place was Sam Wilkinson, third place was Kai Pfeuffer, fourth place was a tie between Sophia Showalter and Nina Harris and Nora Durcan. Fifth place went to seventh graders Summer Romney and Sophia Smith.