Our students took the summer as a chance to study abroad and increase language proficiency or volunteer. Sophomores Luca Camponovo and Giulio Benson studied Arabic in Morocco through the CIEE program. Vivian Claire also visited Morocco through the NSLI-Y program. Junior Alicia Campbell studied Arabic as well, and junior Kamau Jackson went to Taiwan and continued his education in Chinese through NSLI-Y. Senior Gabby Micheli studied Arabic in Jordan.  Seniors Felicity Ryan and Kim Montpelier studied Latin in Rome with the Paideia Institute’s Living Latin in Rome Program. Still many other students volunteered their time to serve others in countries in need. Junior Lydia Moore traveled to Ecuador for three weeks with Youth Ambassadors Program, a service learning trip, and junior Nazzy Fisher taught basketball in Guatamala.  Other students developed their language proficiency by attending Concordia Language Villages, located in the U.S. Sophomore Dainius Antoine studied Arabic in Minnesota, while freshman Charlotte Krisetya and her brother Oliver studied Chinese. Sophomores Kayla Park and Camsey Noonan also took part in a Chinese immersion language village, along with juniors Catherine Sherman, LiQian Shoag, Jia Fleming. Senior Emma Olson studied French.