Many teachers were excited that loosened travel laws in 2021 allowed them to venture abroad this summer. Upper school history teacher Ms. Hamd returned to Lebanon with her husband to work with the preschool he directs, which serves Syrian refugees, migrant domestic workers, and underserved Lebanese children.  The program’s families faced challenges from Covid, gas shortages, lack of formal government, and economic struggles.  Mr. and Mrs. Eleby-El visited the Dominican Republic, where they went to El Limon waterfall on horseback, rode ATVs and visited former colleagues (Read more in last week’s news section below). The summer vacation also allowed teachers to engage in joyful wanderings, both locally and internationally. English teacher Mr. Baum drove 10,000 miles, covering 22 states in two months, from Massachusetts to Michigan and California. Along the way he stopped to hike among the great sequoias, see Crater Lake, and backpack on Wyoming’s Wind River Range. English teacher Mr. Day also took an impressive road trip, visiting relatives in Albany and New England, and later flying to Seattle.