The Upper School celebrated a fall spirit week, with a Lazy/Comfy day full of cozy sweatsuits, a twin day, with pairs, triplets, quads, and quints matching their ensembles.  Wednesday was Decades Day, with students and teachers throwing it way back in outfits that depicted various historical era. Students showcased 60’s bell bottoms, 70’s loungewear, 80’s polo shirts and pleated jeans, nineties hip hop baggie pants and shirts on backwards, and more. Several teachers got in the action, throwing it way back with Mr. Stiff as a groovy sixties hippy, Mr. Porcelli as a turn of the century paperboy, and Mr. Martin rocking some 1770s style in colonial gear.  These flashes from the past brought a ton of humor. On Thursday students wore their class colors and the faculty played afterschool in a game against the varsity soccer players.