We are delighted to announce that Sarai Reed will transition to the Assistant Director of the Middle School, taking on this leadership position as our current Assistant Director, Janelle Bradley, moves to serve as the Director of the Middle School. Ms. Reed, who has been at Latin since 2019, is currently a 6th grade English teacher. She joins the Latin leadership team with the goal of extending her impact beyond the classroom to deliver a classical education for the modern world that is truly accessible for all. Ms. Reed will build on her work as a teacher and continue to focus on both the hearts and minds of her students. Working collaboratively with students and their families, she aims to foster the growth of all our Middle Schoolers as scholars and individuals.

Ms. Reed is a DC native and graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. She received her BA/MA in English from The George Washington University. After graduation, she received a call from a former teacher at Duke Ellington, and the next day was standing in front of 33 10th graders. She recalls that first year of teaching as “a baptism by fire.” And yet, in spite of this challenging and at times humbling experience, Ms. Reed was hooked.

Sitting in her classroom at Latin, Ms. Reed is surrounded by pictures of great authors and several full (but beautifully organized) bookshelves. Among these is a diverse range of authors, and great African American writers are well-represented. She explains, “Students should see themselves reflected in the texts they are asked to read and write about. They should also see themselves in their teachers. In my classroom, I show up as my whole self with the hope that my students will feel inspired and safe to do the same.” Her English classroom has been the intersection of her love of literature and her calling as a teacher, exploring identity through books with students very much in the process of figuring out who they are.

We know Ms. Reed will bring her whole self to the role of Assistant Director of the Middle School, as she has done as a teacher, and will continue to help students discover themselves during their years at Latin.

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