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Poetry With Extra-Cheese!

Cooper Campus Sixth graders in Ms. Adeosun’s class celebrated their poetry unit with a pizza party this week. Students have explored many different types of poems and concepts and will be writing and sharing their poems with a publishing party that will be a feast for all the senses!

Developing Diplomats

On Saturday, Latin Middle Schoolers participated in a Model UN conference hosted by the Dorothy Hamm Middle School in Arlington, Virginia. Twelve schools from the DC area participated with than 200 students from grades 5th through 8th in attendance. Eighth graders, Jocelyn Gill and Neila Wright were assigned to the Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), representing the country of India and debating the topic of China’s claims on various international territories. Seventh grader, Francisco Blanco, was assigned to the Organization of American States (OAS) committee where he represented the country of Venezuela on the topic of the stabilization of governments operating within countries of South and Central America. Seventh graders, Campbell Hall and Mila Applebaum participated in the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Committee, representing the country of Canada on the topic “Technology Innovation To Address Climate Change.”Campbell and Mila earned the “Outstanding Delegates” awards for their respective committee and a perfect score of 16 out of 16 on their position paper.


Cooper Campus’s Chess Club finished its first  in-house tournament this week. Fifth grader Jacob Rivas won 1st place, fifth grader Claire Astmann won 2nd place, and fifth grader Felix Santiago won 3rd place. 

Beauty Detectives

On Friday the Honors Humanities students went on a field trip to the National Gallery on Friday.  The classes, taught by Mr. Hultgren and Mr. Clausen, features a unit on Beauty. Students will visit both wings of the building and write a paper on whether it meets the classical interpretation of beauty, using a critical lens to understand the piece based on the class readings by famous philosophers.

Genetic Journeys

Students in Honors Biology will be making presentations on their work on genetic disorders next week. Teachers have volunteered to join to ask questions and assist in students research. Students in the class, taught by Ms. Allison, will take on the role of a genetic counselor, research a specific genetic disorder, and then share the results in a counseling meeting with teacher visitors, who will serve as “parents’ learning about a familial genetic disorder. 

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