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Environmental Advocate

On Thursday, seventh grade Latin teacher Mr. Bonner met with Congresswoman Elaine Luria to speak with her and her staff about protecting Tangier Island, Virginia. Tangier is rapidly disappearing and a brutal example of the effects of climate change. Mr. Bonner is a part-time resident of Tangier, and lobbied the congresswoman to support upcoming legislation to restore part of the island by relocating dredged material to help rebuild. 

Watershed Moments

Students in the 6th grade will be taking a field trip next Tuesday to the Anacostia Watershed  as part of their study about the local ecosystems. Ms. Dobler does a yearlong project evaluating the impact of the community on the watershed and considering ways to improve and change the local environment.

Who Said Sed?

Sixth graders in Mr. Staten’s history class will be participating in the Sed Festival on Friday the 30th.  The event is part of the study of Ancient Egypt. This celebration will include dressing up as Pharaohs, King Tut, Mummies, and other Egyptian symbols and understanding the culture of the time period. The name of the festival comes from the Egyptian wolf god. 

Journey Poems

Students in 8th grade English finished narrative journey poems about the experiences of refugees in the book Refugee by Alan Gratz. The story includes the experiences of a Syrian, Jewish, and Cuban refugee, whose stories collide at different moments in history. The free verse poems included onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, and symbolism, and focused on using specific adjectives, vivid verbs, correct citation of quotes, and intense emotions. The next writing assignment will be a Shakespearean sonnet in October.


Middle School Football scored a triumphant victory in the first game of the season.  The team beat the Children’s Guild 38 to 6, with touchdowns scored by eighth grader Jerell Austin and seventh grader Simon Riedel. The team is coached by Cooper Campus dean Mr. Fisher. Meanwhile, Junior Varsity Boys’ soccer tied Basis 1-1. The team is coached by Mr. Ochoa. 

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