The Middle School had a meet yesterday afternoon. The team is coached by Mr. Green and Mr. O’Brien. Students ran two races, a 3K and a 4K. In the 3K, Latin runners dominated, with seventh grader Ben Hitt finishing 2nd, seventh grader Henry Freed finishing 5th, and sixth grader Liam Pittard finishing 6th. Cooper Campus sixth grader Liam Kilroy finished 8th and Second Street sixth graders Aidan McClesky and Everett Gallas finished 9th and 10th. For the girls team, sixth grader Tori Starace finished 2nd overall, while Ila Turner and Lia Valentine finished sixth and seventh. The teams finished second overall in the 3K. In the 4K sixth grader Peter Clausen took ninth overall, and eighth grader Zeke Schmidgall finished 11th, while sixth grader Luke Zeller finished 11th. Eighth grader Madeline Zeller finished in 7th place in the 4K and seventh grader Noelle Hoerrner finished 11th. Eighth grader Neila Wright finished 14th. 

Meanwhile, Upper School Cross Country, coached by Mr. Hotchkiss also had a winning performance at the PCSAA Early Bird Invitational, with freshman Cillian Lyster scoring 2nd place, sophomore Michael Tichy scoring 3rd, and sophomore Phil Douglas scoring 5th. 

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