Students kept busy with Wednesday Wellness Workshops, including athletic cardio activities, taught by Mr. Marriotti, Ms. Figueroa, Ms. Eleby-El, and Ms. Smith, discussion and social problem solving groups taught by Mr. Coleman and Ms. Grant, and of course lots of fun making and baking activities.  Ms. Dobler led a crafting circle, and Ms. Malcchiono taught weaving, while Ms. Coleman led an activity in creating paper dolls. Students also cooked shortbread cookies, granola, and guacamole in workshops led by Ms. Kolb, Ms. Moore, and Ms. Oberson. To round out the day, workshops on meditation, burnout, resilience, and community were lead by our many mental health professionals Ms. Davis, Ms. Griffith, Mr. Werstein, and Ms. Bufort. Wellness days allow students a chance to look inwards, relax, be creative, and socialize in teacher and student led workshops focused on rest, recuperation, and rejuvenation.