Physics and AP Environmental science teacher and wrestling coach Mr. Torrence will be teaching a Wrestling Wednesdays event every week at 4pm for any interested students. The class will include self-defense, boxing, wrestling, and elements of mixed martial arts.  He will join several other coaches and athletes around the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area to meet leaders in combat sports, talk to Division 1 athletes, and win prizes for attendance and completing light workouts.  Interested students should fill out this Google form. Mr. Torrence leads a weekly Zoom call with wrestling coaches in the area to engage isolated athletes, encouraging students to stay in shape via pushups, situps and miles run or biked. The organization also started a campaign and hashtag #PullUpAboveRacism and mailed pull-up bars to 20 kids who set about doing 846 pull-ups  to honor George Floyd. Washington Latin senior Jalen Richardson did over 1200 pull-ups this summer! Guest speakers on his meetings have included NCAA athletes, an Olympian, and the wrestling coaches from American University, Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Princeton, among others.