A new season of clubs started this week with a bang. New clubs in the middle school include Dungeons and Dragons, lead by Mr. Staten, Guitar Club lead by Mr. Starnes, Art Club advised by Ms. Breitman, Video Gamer Club advised by Mr. Coleman, STEM Club advised by Ms. Dobler, Spanish Language and Culture club advised by Ms. Figueroa, Geography Club advised by Ms. Mujal, and an Outdoors Club that meets outside, naturally, lead by Ms. Barlev. Meanwhile, the classic clubs like Model UN, lead by Mr. Wills, Debate advised by Ms. Lee-Bey, Student Council advised by Mr. Green and Ms. Bradley, Baking Club advised by Mr. Green, and Newspaper advised by Ms. Breitman are back in action. Take a break at lunch, during tutorial, or on asynchronous Wednesdays and hop on the club bandwagon. It is a great way to connect with peers who share your passions and meet new friends.