Ms. VerCammen introduced the winter concert with a description of how hard students have worked during their time this year to master the challenges of choir during distance learning. Eighth graders Belle Steinberg and Sophia Smith introduced the song “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. Eighth grader Ella Schmidgall sang solo and played violin on the song. Eighth graders RubyRae McCants and August Heim introduced a song called “Give us Hope” by Joe Papoulis, a four part harmony, which Ruby-Rae performs a solo in.  August Heim, sophomore Omare Omatete and freshman James Tate introduced a song from the upper school Men’s Choir a capella called “Connected,” by Brian Tate, featuring a solo by senior Graham Evans. Eighth graders Heim, Liam Saxon, and Wes Freed sang along with the upper school Men’s Choir, augmenting the Choir with their voices. Sophomore Samantha Martinez and freshman Devyn Scott introduced the “Sweet Honey and the Rock” song, “Shout Hallelu,” which included American Sign Language translation. 

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