Last weekend nine students from Latin’s Middle School participated in the Model United Nations Conference held at the National Cathedral School in Northwest Washington. Two of our students received the top awards as the top delegate in their respective committees:  Ben Yarkin won the the “Best Delegate’ award for his stellar performance on the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). This committee debated the topic on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. Ben led the committee in exploring possible solutions to this topic, negotiating with other delegates and sponsoring resolutions to this topic.  Also Tomas Portilla- Marchiori won the “Best Delegate” award for his outstanding leadership while serving on the African Union committee.  Tommy skillfully debated the topic of “Food Security” on the African continent, and used his powerful oratorical skills to build alliances with other delegates to offer solutions to this problem. Both received a wooden gavel with the engraved message, “Best Delegate,” for amazing debating skills. Meanwhile, fellow seventh grader Willa Roemer, attending her very first Model UN conference, was recognized by the chairpersons of her committee for her strong performance as a delegate to the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and  received an “Honorable Mention” for her excellent skills in public speaking and her powerful negotiating skills with other delegates.  Willa’s committee debated the topic :  “Disability and Inclusion Development.” Josie McCartney was also recognized at the Closing Ceremony for het performance as a delegate on the committee of the African Union and received an Honorable Mention” award for strong leadership skills while negotiating with other delegates during the unmoderated caucus phase of the debate. Ganesh Bhojwani earned an “Honorable Mention” award at the Closing Ceremony for his strong performance as  delegate to the UN Women committee. Ganesh debated the topic, “Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Care.” Elias Baldwin and Luke Paci gave strong performances as delegates to the United Nations Security Council. They debated the topic: “Terrorist Activity in Europe,” and Lucas Rohde did a great job debating the topic “Israeli- Palestinian Conflict,” while Ella Hankins gave a strong performance as a delegate to the UN Women’s committee. She debated the topic: “Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Care.”  The team is advised by seventh grade teacher Mr. Wills.