Upper school and middle school students showcased their scientific experiments at our annual science fairs this month. Ninth graders in Mr. Torrence and Mr. Alpert’s physics classes experimented on everything from food additives to composting. Freshman Owen Fox-Whelpton won first prize for his study of toxic metals in artificial turf runoff. Joseph Claire earned second prize for his evaluation of characteristics of water in rain barrels. Benjamin Weinberger and Harry Hirsch earned third prize for their evaluation of field strength of solenoids.

In the middle school fair earlier in the month, fifth grader Nyk Lewis earned first place for an evaluation of “The Power of Fruit.” Ken Cawley, Ella Hankins & Charlotte Lin earned second place for the “The Electric Fruit Project”, Harry Megeath and Ben Yarkin earned third place for “In the Air”, and Anthony Diallo and Kiran Mampara won fourth place for an evaluation of the impact of turf pellets on plant life. Ethan Black tied for fourth place with his evaluation of battery longevity and Lauren Boyer won fifth place for testing how wildlife responded to various kinds of nuts. In the sixth grade, Owen Doherty won first place for a study of Decomposition, Adelaide Pfeuffer won second place for her evaluation of optical illusions, and Meerabela Kempf earned third place in her study of “Salty Ice.” Isabelle Charles and Camila Storm nabbed fourth place for a study of hydrophobic oils and water, and Liam Murphy’s evaluation of bridge angles tied for fifth place with Charlie Fox-Whelpton’s comparison of music and charitable donations.