Eighth graders culminate their yearlong advisory competitions with Spirit Week. The competition began on Monday, as students played Advisory Feud, guessing what each other’s answers were based on a survey conducted in advisory last week. On Tuesday, students wore matching ensembles that showcased either monochromatic fashion choices, or matched outfits with their peers. The winning trio were Lisa Trejo, Gabby Rodriguez and Amaya Tatum. Afterschool Tuesday, students vied for the role of valediction speaker, with complex well-crafted speaches that they had written. Max Regardie, Robbie Mirabello, Zoe Edelman, Charles Brown, Fiona Campbell, Celia Doherty, Lucien Anderson, Lydia Moore, and Amaya Tatum all gave strong performances, and after much debate, the teachers selected Campbell’s speech as the winner to be given at valediction. On Wednesday, students dressed for success donning polos, button-downs, vests, suits, ties, skirts, and fancy dresses. Thursday students competed in an Olympic challenge, with assorted games and competitions throughout the day. Finally, Friday concluded the amazing week with the Black and White dance, the final dance of the year for the middle school. The advisory competitions bring together students with their peers and help them finish eighth grade with humor, playful competition, and style.