Ninth grade science fair winners attended the DC-wide STEM Fair this weekend with Ms. Shapiro and Mr. Torrence. Attendants included Helena Ikenberry, Alicia Campbell, Max Regardie, Lucas Roemer, Miles Tiller, Oliver Krisetya, Jalen Richardson, Hawa Sturr, and Zoe Edelman. Sixth and seventh grade participants included Lucas Rohde, Meerabela Kempf, Zoe Woods-Arthur, Anja Pratt, Claire Flakker, Lauren Boyer, Stephen Showalter, Elias Baldwin, and Ben Yarkin, and their teachers Ms. Dobler and Ms. Olney. These students had a chance to present their research and share the scientific process they used, how they formed a hypothesis and designed an experiment, collected data and evaluated the results. The awards night was scheduled for Wednesday but was postponed due to weather until Thursday.  In the junior division Meerabela Kempf earned 1st place in Earth and Environmental Science, Zoe Woods-Arthur earned 2nd place in Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Lucas Rohde scored 3rd place in Animal Sciences. In the senior division, freshmen Helena Ikenberry and Alicia Campbell  won 1st place in Earth and Environmental Science, Max Regardie and Lucas Roemer scored 2nd place in Engineering Mechanics, and Zoe Edelman and Hawa Sturr won 2nd place in Plant Sciences, and Jalen Richardson earned 3rd Place Earth and Environmental Science. Miles Tiller and Oliver Krisetya earned the ACE DC Award from the ACE Mentor Program, and Richardson earned the American Meteorological Society Award; Excellence in Engineering Award from American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Honorable Mention), Federal Water Quality Association Award (1st Place); Achievement in the Earth Sciences Award from the Geological Society of Washington (3rd); Stockholm Junior Water Prize; Water and Waste Operators Association. Kemp also earned 3rd place in the Grand Awards, and the ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative Award; DCECC; Federal Water Quality Association Award (Honorable Mention); NASA Earth System Science Award. Campbell and Ikenberry earned the DCECC; Federal Water Quality Association Award (1st Place); Achievement in the Earth Sciences Award from the Geological Society of Washington (1st); Ricoh USA Award. Rhode nabbed the NASA Certificate of Achievement in Optics, and Showalter, Baldwin, Yarkin, and Kempf were named Broadcom Masters.