Students in AP Environmental Science are completing their year with action projects to help our city’s environment. The students, who took the AP exam last week, are designing and executing their own original projects with the goal of reducing pollution or waste in Washington, D.C. Senior Alex Davis was the first to execute his project, which involved e-cycling about 20 old computers and their related equipment. The class drove the school vans to his church, filled one of them with the e-waste and drove it to the Fort Totten Transfer Station.  The class learned that the computers will be sent to a PA prison to have the parts safely broken down into the valuable components. This week juniors Lucie Warga and Clay Baldwin are taking the class canoeing to learn about Potomac River restoration efforts.  Seniors Arin Deloach and Dmitri Yearby are teaching 5 classes for eighth grade science teacher Nicole Berment on the theme of global warming.  Junior Josh Wirth and senior Kevin Young are going to have all upper school advisories compost their lunches on two Fridays.  AP Environmental Science teacher Mr. Torrence has helped create these projects to show students how scientific theories are put into practice and engage them in the important role of using scientific knowledge to improve their community.