Last week’s track meets for the middle school boys and girls’ team showed fast feet and high jumps, starting the season off strong!  In the girls’ meet at Holton Arms, eighth grader Zoe Edelman arrived in second place for her finish on the 1600 and 800 meter races. Seventh grader Ezinne Ukaegbu nabbed a first place finish in her heat of the 200 meter race, and narrowly finished second place finish in her 100 meter race. In the boys’ meet at the Landon School, our team came in fifth place overall. Eighth grader Miles Tiller surpassed his goal of 14 feet in the long jump by an additional five inches. Eighth grader Darren Wright also set his person record in the 100 meter dash, landing him in fifth place in the race. Eighth graders Lucien Anderson and Phil Horrigan earned third and fourth place, respectively, in the 800 meter race. Anderson also took fifth place in the 400 meter race. Seventh grader Jonah Spiva finished 4th overall in the 1600 meter race, and seventh grader Brice Parrot took ninth. In the 4X400 relay race eighth graders Phil Horrigan, China Ukaegbu, Evan Prince, and Samir Bhojwani finished in third place and Anderson, Spiva, and eighth graders Griffin Smith and Ranvir Malik came in fourth place. The teams are coached by Ms. McDaniel, Mr. O’Brien, Mr. Torrence, and Mr. Green.