Music at Latin

The Music Program at Washington Latin began when, in 2010, Melissa Nevola, already a faculty member in the Math Department, agreed to return to her first love and avocation as the Director of this new program. Over the intervening years, the program has grown to include instrumental and voice opportunities for students to learn, perform, and explore music. Our vision for the program is to nurture the talent and interest of all Latin students in developing their musical skills and appreciation, a notion that is central to our classical education model. We strive to reach the heart of our students while shining a light on the mechanics of making music, believing all of life is enhanced through an appreciation and understanding of music.

Today the Latin music program includes over 100 students engaged in five different ensembles, including Concert Choir, Honors Choir, Latin Voices, Girls and Boys Ensembles, and Jazz Band. Students perform both on campus in regular concerts and off-campus, at a variety of venues and in competitions.

In addition to classes, rehearsals, and performances, the Music Program includes the opportunity for students to travel to other cities, such as New York City, and meet and perform with professional musicians who perform in a range of musical styles and venues. These trips offer students exposure to the art and business of music, an experience they find eye-opening and inspiring.

The soul of the universe is united by a musical concord.


Timaeus 37 A


Music Fundraising - $10,000 Goal

Supporting the Music Program

Our policy is to ensure that our students, who come from across the District, may participate in Latin’s academic and extra-curricular activities such as our Music Program regardless of their ability to pay activity fees. We fund these activities each year in part through donations to our Equal Access Fund. This includes our Music Program, which must pay for music, fund trips, and provide instruments and other equipment so that students can participate.

Please join us in supporting this program!  If you love music, love Latin, or love a student performer who is part of this program, we invite you to support our Latin Music Program!

Cocktail Concert

Benefitting Washington Latin’s Music Program

Friday, September 29 @5:30 pm
The Fox-Whelpton Club


Thank you!

What a perfect evening! Thanks to all who joined us for the Cocktail Concert, building our community and helping us raise funds for the Music Program. Whether you were able to join us this time (yes, this is just the first backyard concert!), we hope you will consider a gift to support our talented students and devoted teacher, Ms. Melissa VerCammen. You may use the buttons to make a PayPal donation, or contact Kate Cromwell, Director of Development at 202.223.1111 x129 to make other arrangements.

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