Our science fair winners at the annual upper school science fair last week included freshmen Ashay Amam, who studied the Life Straw and the Brita Filter for their effectiveness at purifying water. Vivian Claire studied the effects of road salt on bioretention. Changa Anderson measured the impact on G-force on gymnastics, and Ife Akinsanya and Vivian Pittard studied a hybrid water filter. Ja’Niece Austin-Lindsey evaluated the start of gender-based stereotypes. Runners up included Luke Lowenfish, Camsey Noonan, and Lana Coulon and Juliette Warga. Honorable mentions included Lily Smeltzer, Luca Camponovo and Owen Nadler, Morgan Leary, Nina Jobanputra, Casey Montrey, Molly Parker, and Sheridan Easterling. The winners will move on to the STEM fair in the spring and will compete against students from other Washington, D. C. high schools to showcase their research and public speaking skills.