Before break the sophomores in Mr. Bhuva’s honors history class dressed as Enlightenment Thinkers for a dinner party. Students involved included Thea Davtyan, Owen Fox-Whelpton, Ellery Grimm, Damian Hanshew, Jane Leftwich, Duncan Matthews-Cox, Jonah Marks, Kimberly Montpelier, Xander Shoag, Oliver Spiva, Luke Tewalt, Sahara Trask, Alicia Trejo, MK Wilson, and Zoe Wolfel. Students portrayed different historical figures including French playwright Olympe de Gouges, English philosopher John Locke, English philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon, Dutch businessman Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, and French philosopher Dennis Diderot in their attire and conversations and debated historical issues and philosophy.