On Thursday, the middle school ended the semester with a valediction, or farewell celebration for each grade. Fifth and sixth graders met to share in the successes of the year. Students were commended for attendance, honor roll, or specific achievements in the arts, Latin, or across all classes.  In the fifth grade Kai McFadgion and Alex Kelley were awarded the Civitas prize. Daisy Lipton and Chris Murray-Davis were named Most Improved, and  Tillie Freed and Dylan Park were named Most Academic.  In sixth grade Samantha Martinez and Diego Rodriguez were Most Improved, and Genaba Diallo and Brandon Souverain won Civitas. Meerabela Kempf and Sebastian Richardson were lauded for the Academic Achievement prize. In the seventh grade, Jayden Brooks and Sabrina Nadler won Most Improved, and Will Mader and Nina Gomez won the Civitas.  Luca Camponovo and Juliette Warga won Academic Achievement. In the eighth grade Jerin Bracey and Evelyn Hanson won Most Improved. Miles Kramer and Rebekka Stewart won the Civitas Award, and Theo Greiff and Celia Doherty won the Academic Achievement award. After the valediction, seventh grade parents honored the “graduating” eighth graders with a reception after Valediction.