At the first assembly of the school year, Upper Schoolers gathered in the MPR to talk about the theme of “When in Doubt, Do Good.” Classics Department Chair Mr. Clausen greeted students dressed as senior Graham Brady, for Halloween, and spoke about the role of generosity and providing help and kindness for no reason beyond the fact that it is rewarding to all when people choose to help others. Seniors James Mitchell, Emanuel Smith, Lucie Warga, and Baily Pinkney spoke about their own experiences of generosity.  Jazz band members Miles Lang, Baily Pinckney, Duncan Cox, Adrien Gomez, Maddy Katz, Mitch Shapiro, Owen Fox-Whelpton, Dylan Healy, and Harris Marks performed.  As a follow-up to the themes of his speech, Mr. Clausen read the New Yorker article called “The Gift,” with his students, which is about a man named Zell Kravinsky who donates $45 million dollars to charity and then later donates a kidney. He invited former WLPCS Dean Jose Reyes to speak this Thursday about his experiences receiving a kidney donation from a stranger that saved his life last year.  He spoke to Mr. Clausen’s class along with his donor, Sarah.