Peter Anderson, Head of School

Peter AndersonWashington Latin’s Head of School is Peter Anderson. He brings more than 20 years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator and school leader.  He brings a commitment to improving instruction and results for all students, fostering parent involvement, and sound stewardship of school finances. Peter holds a BA from Haverford College, a Masters in Sociology from the London School of Economics, and a Masters in Education from New York University. Peter also teaches middle school US History.

Senior Leadership Team


Mr. Neil Berment, Athletic Director

Ms. Kara Brady – 9th, 10th, & 11th Grade Director

Ms. Joelle Chall – 7th & 8th Grade Director

Ms. Kate Cromwell – Director of Development & Communications

Mr. Bob Eleby-El – Assistant Principal

Ms. Crystal Eleby-El – Director of Student Recruitment & Alumni Relations

Ms. Martita Fleming Director of Operations


Diana Smith, Principal

diana-portraitDr. Smith came to Washington Latin in 2008 following several decades’ experience teaching and leading in both public and private schools.  With a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia and a B.A. in Classics from Princeton University (Phi Beta Kappa), Dr. Smith is Washington Latin’s academic leader, responsible for refining and sustaining the classical curriculum and teaching model. She also teaches several classes and works directly with students on independent studies. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Washington Post Distinguished Leadership Award for her work as Principal at Washington Latin.

Senior Leadership Team (con't)


Ms. Melissa Hinton – Director of Mental Health

Ms. Geovanna Izurieta – Director of Finance

Ms. Anna Jesseman  Co-Director of Student Support Services

Mr. James Kelly  –  Assistant Principal

Ms. Crys Latham – Director of College Counseling

Mr. Carl Lyon – IT Director

Dr. Lacy Peale – Director of Academics, Interim 5th & 6th Grade Director

Ms. Khashiffa Roberts – Co-Director of Student Support Services, 12th Grade Director & Dean


Faculty & Staff

To email any of our team members, use first initial and last name. For example, Peter Anderson is PAnderson@latinpcs.org.

Faculty A-E

Baldwin, Sean

Barroso, Elaina

Bhuva, Parag

Birkenhead, Peter

Bloomfield, Joslyn

Brady, Kara

Breitman, Rachel

Callum, Jamille

Chall, Joelle

Clausen, William

Coleman, Caroline

Coleman, Christopher

Collins, Elizabeth

Cromwell, Kate

Davis, Michael

Day, Nathan

Dobler, Teresa

Edmundson, Albert

Edwards, Brandon

Eleby-El, Bob

Eleby-El, Crystal

Faculty F-K

Figueroa, Elias

Figueroa, Johannna

Fleming, Martita

Flores, Ada

Folawiyo, Fatima

Foster, Hope

Grant, Anna Laura

Green, Joe

Grey, Headley

Hagerty, Tom

Hamd, Joseph

Hamd, Joyce

Hamm, Sereena

Haywood, Cheryl

Hotchkiss, Brian

Hultgren, Carl

Izurieta, Geovanna

Jesseman, Anna

Jost, Geneva

Kelly, Jimmy

Kolb, Dena

Kolb, Patricia

Faculty L-P

LaFleche, Adam

Lambert, Karen

Larios, Jessica

Latham, Crys

Lee-Bey, Brittany

Lee, Janna

Liu, Lawrence

Locke, Camille

Lyon, Carl

Mariotti, Simone

Martin, Corey

McDaniel, Stephanie

Mewafy, Mohamed

Minera, Neelam

Moore, Lisa

Mujal, Adele

Nunn, Carenda

Oberson, Amy

O’Brien, Thomas

Olney, Marjorie

Oran, Becca

Peale, Lacy

Porcelli, Alexander

Prue, Tamica

Faculty R-Z

Raskin, Emily

Richardson, Christopher

Richardson, Kerry

Rivera, Ana

Roberts, Khashiffa

Rose, Caroline

Salazar, Julian

Seid, Laurel

Senty, Sarah

Shannon, Marie Martine

Shapiro, Elisa

Smith, Diana

Starnes, Joe

Staten, Lawrence

Stephens, Kristin

Steplight, Cheryl

Stiff, John

Stouder, Christina

Torrence, Rickey

VerCammen, Melissa

Werstein, Jack

Whitfield, Sandra

Wills, Reginald

Yonker, Thomas