The Cooper Campus Team

Who We Are

Khashiffa Roberts, Principal

Ms. Roberts first joined Washington Latin in 2010 as a Special Education teacher, with a degree from Howard University in journalism and a Masters from the University of the District of Columbia in Special Education. After five years supporting our students with disabilities in partnership with both classroom faculty and families, Ms. Roberts began taking on administrative responsibilities, serving as Dean of Students, 12th Grade Director, Director of Special Education, and Assistant Principal for Student Life over the next five years. In each of these roles, Ms. Roberts ensured that the foundational principles of our classical model remained central to our daily work, reflected in our policies and practices and clearly visible in our classrooms and daily life on campus. Her leadership balanced this “big picture” focus with her constant devotion to our students, challenging and supporting them in their academic and personal growth. This will continue to be her focus for the students and families of the Cooper Campus.

Campus Leadership

Bill Clausen, Assistant Principal for Academics

Lisa Moore, Director of Numeracy

Carenda Nunn, Dean of Student Life & Culture

Anaka Osborne, Director of Literacy

Diana Smith, Senior Advisor & Chief of Classical Education



Cooper Faculty

Lola Adeosun, 6th Grade English

Robert Brutus, 7th Grade Latin

Terrance Bullock, Cooper Security Officer

Briette Cottom, Behavior Specialist

Shadow Curley, 5th Grade Latin

Christel Davis, Operations Associate

DeLishia Davis, Student Support Teacher (NY University Resident)

Devon Della-Croce, School Counselor

Alex Doyle, 5th Grade Geography & Literature

Dawson Erikson, NYU Resident

Michael Evans, 5th/6th Grade Music

Jonathan Fisher, Academic Intervention Specialist

Michael Ford, Dedicated Aide

Kamila Gabdyzhamalova, 5th Grade Math Teacher

Juliette Ghaffari, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Khalia Gans, 5th Grade English

Megan Hayes, Theater Teacher

Claudia Herrera, Registrar

Courtney Howard, Case Manager & School Counselor

Scott Hunter, Art Teacher

Samuel Jeremenko, 6th Grade Science

Marilu Lopez, Food Services Coordinator

Mary Martha Maclay, 6th Grade Latin

Johnny Mey, 5th Grade Science

Jeffrey McCreight, Ancient Civilizations

Henry Peterson, 7th Math Teacher

Brandon Pollard, 6th Math Teacher

Alberto Rios, 5th/6th Grade Physical Education & Health

Nodiyah Satterwhite, Dedicated Aide & Academic Teacher

Anna Laura Silva, 5th Grade Math & 7th Grade Ancient Civilization Teacher

Joseph Starnes, 6th Grade Civics

Jasmine Stewart, Dedicated Aide

Devonn Thomas, 7th Grade English Teacher

Michael Thomas II, Student Support Coordinator