Upper Schoolers had the chance to say a bittersweet final goodbye to each other and to their teachers at the Valediction Ceremony on Friday.  Under Arts Department Chair Ms. Nevola’s tutelage, the Jazz Band prepared a rendition of “At Last.” Teachers recited their “special moment” memories from their classes this year. Students recited work in foreign languages, English, and Latin, and also spoke about their teachers, while others were lauded for their hard work this year. Senior Carmaya Humble recited from the Aeneid, and Alex Davis recited from the Illiad. Senior Elias Demian recited from “This is Damascus” in Arabic, and senior Sarah Wu recited an excerpt from Harry Potter in Mandarin. Senior Clare Hall recited from Le Cancre in French. Seniors Serena Jones and Alex Hagan received their Posse Scholarship award. Senior Aaron Figueroa was honored by the Air Force with a scholarship for a year of training in Colorado Springs. Senior Lou McDonough was honored for his excellence in Foreign Language. Senior Sabrina Payano earned an award for her hard work and innovation in the Cooking Club. Senior Sam Mader earned a sports award for his enduring kindness, consistent leadership and positive spirit in soccer and track. Seniors Serena Jones and Sam Mader won Civitas awards. Allegra Hatem and Elias Demian won Academic Achievement Awards. Senior Abby Abraham won Most Improved. Juniors Layla Stewart and Noah Logan won Most Improved, and Mika Robinson and Isaiah Smith won Civitas.  Annelise Claire and Eric Wright won Academic Achievement. In tenth grade, Grace Bruty and Anthony David won Most Improved, Khiya Derricott and Sebastian Smith won Civitas, and Jasper Ferncrombie and Ava Tiller won Academic Achievement.  In ninth grade, Marcia McIntosh and Will Geist won Most Improved and Shelby Ferncrombie  and Owen Fox-Whelpton won Civitas. Harry Hirsch and Kim Montpelier won Academic Achievement awards. This was also a time for students to say goodbye to departing staff and laud them for their hard work and the commitment they had made to their students. Students bid a sad farewell to departing teachers Ms. Rapoport, Mme. Spittler, Mr. Leonard, and Mr. Vanterpool. The day concluded with a slide show and closing remarks from Head of School Mr. Anderson.