On Friday, the AP Latin class will visit an exhibit on Black Classicists at the Center for Hellenic Studies. The exhibit focuses on the first generation of Black PhDs in Classics. Colleges like Howard University played an important role in offering a range of classes on Classics and Latin and Greek to African American students during the 19th Century. Classicists in the exhibit include Wiley Lane (1852-1885), Helen Maria Chestnut (1880-1969), William Sanders Scarborough (1852-1926), John Wesley Edward Bowen (1855-1933), John Wesley Gilbert (1864-1923), Frazelia Campbell (1849-1930), William Henry Crogman (1841-1931), Reuben Shannon Lovinggood (1864-1916), Edward Wilmot Blyden (1832-1912), Lewis Baxter Moore (1866-1928), Richard Theodore Greener (1844-1922), George Morton Lightfoot (1868-1947), Daniel Barclay Williams (1861-1895), James Monroe Gregory (1849-1915), and William Lewis Bulkley (1867-1933).