At Washington Latin, we have always valued athletics as central to our approach to learning and developing young adults. As part of the classical tradition, the challenges of physical strength and endurance were highly valued, and part of leading a balanced life. Like the soldier Pheidippides who raced from a battlefield in Marathon to the city of Athens, in 490 B.C., and the competitors in the first modern Olympic games in 1896 in Greece, feats of skill and speed were highly prized.

In the past two years we have grown our sports offerings and we look forward to being able to add even more programs in the future. Each year we are highly competitive in our league in multiple sports, most notably soccer, cross country and track and field. Under the leadership of one of the city’s most capable coaches, Mr. Jamille Callum, we have had an impressive showing in track, with two of our athletes – Luke Tewalt and Zoe Edelman – breaking records and distinguishing themselves at meets in the local area and beyond.

While many of our students bring their talents each season to the fields, courts and arenas where we compete, others pursue their athletic passions outside of our school. While we cannot highlight all these athletes, we want to pause for a moment here to celebrate some of these hard-working young people. Last year, freshman Changa Anderson, an ardent gymnast, placed first in the 13-14 year-old age group in both trampoline and double-mini trampoline at the USA Gymnastics Championships. He has also competed internationally at the World Competitions in St. Petersburg, Russia as part of Team USA in his age group. His athleticism was lauded in this article by Citypaper. Senior Daud Gantt-Bey, who competes in tennis outside of school, is one of the highest ranked players in the city and has a bright future in this sport.

Freshman Ja’Niece Austin-Lindsey participates in competitive cheering and stunts. Freshman Dylan Paglee takes part in competitive sailing. Sophomore Griffin Smith participates in a crew program. Sophomore Jia Fleming practices karate. Eighth grader Eleanor Ashdown is at a competition this week for figure skating. Fifth grader Eliza Lowenfish is a ballet dancer performing at the Kennedy Center this week. Sophomore Ella Norlen is also a serious ballet dancer, who studies with celebrated coaches after school and in the summer. Junior Aya Salem is a competitive horseback rider. Junior Ryan Bradley excels in Irish dance. Sophomore Katharine Roslof enjoys rowing. Junior Felicity and senior Miranda Ryan and sophomore Aviel Honey have all honed their skills in Jiu Jitsu. Junior Zoe Crute has skied competitively.

The self-discipline to participate in rigorous athletic competition and maintain high levels of physical fitness outside of the classroom is a source of pride to many students. We encourage students to learn more about each other’s extra-curricular passions and attend a friend’s athletic event afterschool or on the weekend. We will continue to honor their achievements and hard work in the Legenda and on the website! So, please send us more information.