Athletic training was essential to the Ancient Greek identity. Athletics were viewed as both a preparation for military service and athletic competition, and a way to show off physical prowess. At Washington Latin, we believe that athletics play an important role in developing a well-rounded person. Besides promoting physical fitness, participating in athletics can foster positive mental health, enhance social skills and nurture self-discipline, patience, persistence and resilience.

This year, our athletic department is capably managed by Mr. Bob Eleby-El and his brand new assistant director, Ms. JerBria Smith.  Mr. Eleby-El has worn many hats at Washington Latin as a basketball coach, Assistant Principal for Student Life and business manager. In his new role, as Athletic Director, he is doing what he has long wanted to do: apply the skills learned while earning a BA in Sports Management and an MBA to help to build a program that is comprehensive, inclusive, competitive and sustainable. Drawing on his love of teaching, his rapport with students, strong relationships with parents and the respect he commands from the faculty and educators at peer institutions, he is working to establish a program marked by integrity, transparency, innovation and excellence.

We are delighted to welcome home Ms. Smith, who was a member of the second graduating class of Washington Latin onto our faculty this year. She graduated from Barton College in North Carolina. During her academic career, Ms. Smith was named to The National Junior College Athletic Association Women’s Basketball All American Third Team, representing the top players in the country at the Division III level. She was also named to the First Team All-Region team and Second Team All-Conference.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion in 2017. Last year she was a physical education teacher at a middle school in Maryland and coached at that school and a DC high school.

Working together, Mr. Eleby-El and Ms. Smith have helped lead students to a strong fall season, featuring outstanding performances in soccer, volleyball, and cross country. This winter, they are working to further develop our newer sports options, including Ms. Kolb’s new swim team (see details below on the first meet). They are working to support our students, coaches, and athletic program by helping with skills, organization, and academic and social support. This twosome makes a powerful team, and, under their guidance, we have high hopes for the future of our athletic program.