Enroll Your Child at Latin

Free and accessible to families from all eight wards of the District, the school seeks young women and men of good character who are eager to learn and willing to work. Latin’s process of admissions is designed to be open to any DC student.  As an open enrollment public charter school, there are no admissions requirements except DC residency. We are not allowed to – and do not –  look at test scores, past grades, or other academic background.  As a publicly chartered school, Washington Latin’s admissions policy meets enrollment guidelines set by the DC Public Charter School Board.

Washington Latin participates in MySchoolDC, the District-wide common lottery for K-12 education. The lottery deadlines are February 1st for high school grades (9-12) and March 1st for grades K-8. Washington Latin accepts new students in grades 5-9 ONLY; we do not accept new students after 9th grade due to the Latin language requirement for graduation. The largest number of openings is generally for 5th grade (90 slots). Please read our FAQ on admissions to learn more.

Admissions Open House

Join us on one of these dates to learn about Latin and all we have to offer! Parents and students are welcome.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 6:30-8:00 pm
Thursday, January 31, 2019, 6:30-8:00 pm

Tier 1 MS


Please contact Director of Student Recruitment Crystal Eleby-El at 202.909.2194.

Key Dates


Washington Latin participates in the DC-wide public school lottery, MySchoolDC, an online school application site. It is the only way to apply for Washington Latin and the majority of other charter and DCPS schools. This year’s important deadlines for enrolling your child for the 2019-20 school year are as follows:

  • 12.8.18 Ed Fest (all-DC school information fair for families)
  • 12.10.18 MySchoolDC applications open
  • 02.01.19 Deadline for submitting applications for grades 9-12
  • 03.01.19 Deadline for submitting applications for grades PK2-8
  • 03.29.19 Lottery results released (accepted or waitlisted)
  • 05.01.19 Deadline for accepting seat at Washington Latin or any other MySchoolDC school
  • 05.17.19 Deadline for returning enrollment forms to Washington Latin to secure a spot for 2019-20.
Shadow Days

We strongly encourage students considering Washington Latin to sign up for a Shadow Day. This opportunity enables prospective students complete access to our school for the day, including following all rules and policies related to behavior, uniform, etc., as well as fully participating in classes.

To schedule a Shadow Day, please contact Crystal Eleby-El, Director of Student Recruitment.

Enrolling Siblings

Siblings of current students must apply through MySchoolDC. We grant preference to siblings of current students. If a family submits applications for two or more siblings and only one sibling is chosen in the lottery, the other sibling(s) will move to the top of the wait list. We also offer an employee preference. The order of preference is: 1. Siblings of current students; 2. Children of current employees (DC residents); 3. Siblings of newly admitted students.

Re-Enrollment for Current Students

All families intending to re-enroll should have received an email with instructions and appropriate forms in April 2019. The following summarizes key points. We will send the families of currently enrolled students an email in the spring with details.

Please contact us with questions.