Professor Sarah Federman visited an 8th grade English class today to talk about conflict resolution. Federman, a professor at the University of Baltimore’s school of Public Policy, earned her PhD in conflict resolution at George Mason University. Federman is a scholar of World War II and other international conflicts. Her upcoming book The Last Train to Auschwitz: The French National Railways and the Journey to Accountability will be published in 2021. Dr. Federman spoke to students about the value of journaling and role playing to understand different sides of a conflict. Students will be starting a journaling project writing letters of conflict based on characters in the play Inherit the Wind. The story, which focuses on the Scopes Trial, contains legal, philosophical, and family conflicts. Students are also independently reading various choice books related to the quarterly theme of Justice, including All American Boys, The Crucible, The Boy Who Dared, Real Justice, A Police Mr. Big Sting Goes Wrong, and Chew on This. Throughout the unit students have worked on understanding different sides of a conflict through quote analysis and perspective writing.