Summer School – Registration is Now Closed!


Summer School registration is now closed. If you submitted registration, you should receive your children’s schedule confirmation by Friday, June 11. If you do not receive a schedule confirmation email by Friday, please contact Ms. Hazie Crespo and Mr. Pat Bane, Co-Directors of Summer School.

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a special program designed specifically for our new-to-Latin 9th graders, focused on getting your child ready for Latin. It gives us a chance to get to know them as scholars and individuals, prepares them for Latin’s academic program, and provides a sense of community before they fully launch into their career at Latin.

Questions? Contact Elaina Barroso, head of Summer Bridge.

Daily Schedules

Why summer reading?

At Washington Latin, we require that students read over the summer for several reasons. Required texts establish themes for the year and are frequently the focus of the first unit of the year in each class. They serve as touchstones and jumping-off points for year-long conversations about the essential thematic questions that drive English courses at Latin. We require summer reading to prevent any loss of reading skills over the summer; summer reading ensures that students are engaged in some of the same activities they pursue during the school year. We believe children learn to read (and think) best when they want to read; we require summer reading to promote reading for pleasure and assist parents in motivating students to read. We are trying to teach students to love reading. We think if children love books, they will do well in life.

Why summer math packets?

This summer, in addition to your required summer reading, you are required to complete summer math packets. We want to ensure that you aren’t victims of the “summer slide” where you lose much of your math knowledge and then are behind next year. The packets are designed to help you review and reinforce concepts you already know and to prepare you for next year’s math class. The summer math packets are due on the first day of school and will be utilized in class and graded. In addition to the required packets, we encourage students to use online resources, such as Khan Academy, to review prior knowledge and/or learn new math skills.

Other Summer Fun!

Looking for other summer fun activities for your children? Here are a variety of non-Latin programs for the summer that have both in-person and virtual options!