The middle school science fair last Thursday allowed students to share their original research, as the fifth, sixth, and seventh graders showcased their experiments and the results. In fifth grade, Nora O’Donovan and Rina Saxon came in first with a study of the sugar content of soda, sports drinks and orange juice. Avis Weeden and Jesse Sweek came in second, with a study of the distance traveled by soccer balls filled with air and water. Finally, Gideon Chaffee and Christopher Amaya Camacho earned third place with their research about which liquid evaporates faster: water, milk, coke, or gatorade. The fifth graders, advised by science teacher Ms. Dorsey, completed their own tests of their hypotheses, recorded data, and displayed their results to outside judges. In sixth and seventh grade, students in Ms. Dobler and Ms. Hinkson’s classes competed. First place was Preston Olander,  second place was Sam Wilkinson, third place was Kai Pfeuffer, fourth place was a tie between Sophia Showalter and Nina Harris and Nora Durcan. Fifth place went to seventh graders Summer Romney and Sophia Smith.