Bacchanalia parties are done, but we still need your support!

Our goal is $75,000 for the Faculty Fund

We had another terrific round of parent parties this year that brought us together as a community – AND these parties had with a purpose. The hosts opened their homes and encouraged each of you to make your donation in support of the Latin Faculty Fund so that we continue to have the extraordinary teachers that bring the joy of life-long learning to our children. This fund helps us increase compensation without resorting to growing our class sizes, thus keeping the Latin model personal and about meeting each student’s needs. The goal of the Bacchanalia parties is to raise $75,000, which we have been able to meet each year since 2014. We need your support to say the same for 2019!  Whether or not you attended a party, your contribution is vital! Please use the PayPal buttons below, or complete this form and return it to

Bacchanalia goal


Bacchanalia $75,000

Bacchanalia raised so far