Middle School cross country athletes triumphed in the PCSAA Championship Meet yesterday, where the top 8 boys and top 8 girls ran in the meet. Both boys and girls took 2nd overall, with the boys missing 1st to Basis by 1 point. Everyone ran well and several students set personal records for the 3K course. Eighth grader Claire Emanuel was Latin’s first girl runner to cross the finish line with Scarlett Edwards right behind her, finishing 4th and 5th overall. Seventh grader Anja Pratt finished just a few seconds behind them, followed by Bridget Watterson. Eighth graders Paulina Inglima, Lauryn Shepard, Camila Storm, and Michela Irving were close behind. Seventh grader Lucas Rohde was Latin’s first boy runner to cross the finish line with Owen Doherty right behind, finishing 2nd and 3rd overall. Eighth graders Zaire Jackson and Sam Regardie stuck together throughout the race, placing 6th and 7th overall, followed by D’Andre Person, Liam Honey, Dylan Park, and Oliver Anderson. Eighth graders Jala Lee and Genaba Diallo were the best cheering section at the course! Ms. McDaniel is the cross country coach.