Students in the middle school met for our quarterly assembly to reflect on a value that binds the school together. For this month’s assembly, students and teachers alike touched on the notion of diversity. Director of Special Education Ms. Roberts spoke about all of the important attributes that makes each individual unique and the choir sang “On My Way to Jordan” by Jay Althouse. Sixth grader Julisa Carcamo-Rodas reflected on how much she enjoys being part of a community where everyone is different, and seventh grader Henry Cohen spoke about how an individual can change the world, and gave an example of a petition for social justice and respect he recently started. Eighth graders recited famous speeches that they had learned in history class. Caleb Cage recited the words of Robert E. Lee after losing the Civil War, and Lydia Moore recited the words of Frederick Douglas about the irony of Independence Day. Teachers named students who had played an important part in making their classrooms a welcoming environment. Fifth graders Alex Weeden and Lena Scott earned merits for their hard work. Sixth graders Henry Batkin and Meerabela Kempf earned merits for their support of their peers and their enthusiasm for learning. In the seventh grade, Camsey Noonan and Henry Cohen earned awards for their commitment to support the community, and eighth graders Griffin Smith and Rebekka Stewart were awarded merits for their kindness and their respect. Mr. Anderson closed the assembly by reflecting on the difference between mere diversity and inclusion. At Washington Latin, he noted that we strive towards the latter by focusing not just on representing different neighborhoods in D.C. but also on taking the time to teach children to engage with one another in a thoughtful and respectful way.