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Our goal is $75,000 for the Faculty Fund

The Bacchanalia parties get us together and build community – AND they are parties with a purpose. The hosts opened their homes and encouraged each of you to make your donation in support of the Latin Faculty Fund  so that we continue to have the extraordinary teachers that bring the joy of life-long learning to our children. This fund helps us increase compensation without resorting to growing our class sizes, thus keeping the Latin model personal and about meeting each student’s needs. The goal of the Bacchanalia parties is to raise $75,000, which we have been able to meet each year since 2014  We need your support to say the same for 2018!  Whether or not you attended a party, your contribution is vital! Please use the PayPal buttons below, or complete this form and return it to

NEW: Faculty Tribute Gifts

Give to the Faculty Fund in honor of a special Latin teacher*

Your gift to the Faculty Fund can now be made as a tribute to a particular faculty member at Washington Latin! For a tribute gift, we deliver a card to that faculty member(s) indicating that a gift has been made in their honor to the Faculty Fund. (The card will acknowledge that a donation has been made, but will keep the amount of your gift private.) If you would like to add a message to the faculty member, we will include that as well. This is a great way to send thanks to teachers while also contributing to the fund that helps us increase overall faculty compensation.

A tribute gift can be made in any amount. Please send us instructions by mail or use one of the PayPal buttons below and indicate your message via email to


Bacchanalia $75,000

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Paint & Sip 4/7 @ Latin

We had a terrific time at this party. Check out the video by Neil Berment showing what a good time was had and how everyone discovered their inner artist! We hope you are inspired to sign up for the upcoming parties!

Paint & Sip Video

Bollywood 4/14

We all got our paisa vasool, (money’s worth) at this year’s Bollywood party. There was not too much drama, but great trivia contests, food, and of course friends at the Crestwood home of Sangeeta and Pramesh Jobanputra with their co-hosts Deborah and Ethan Saxon. Thanks to the hosts for this great party and their encouraging words about Faculty Fund donations!

Black Panther - WAKANDA Forever! 4/14

This Wakanda-inspired party made us all feel like super heros!!  A great menu full of flavors, beautiful and vibrant fabrics and fashions, and music and dancing. We knew this party would be a terrific time! Thanks to warrior-hosts Amina, Lisa, Jennifer, Shawn J. and Shawnn S. for a great time and inspiring words about Latin teachers!

Capitol Cocktails 4/14 PARTY FULL

We had a great time on the Hill for garden cocktails and authentic Pan-Asian small plates with big flavors – and great Latin families! Your hosts threw a great party and encouraged all guests to dig deep and give generously. Thanks to Mai Pham and David Roodman (parents of a 9th grader and graduate) and Lisa and George Olson (parents of 7th and 10th graders, and a graduate). Ăn ngon nhé!


Crab Feast 4/14

Can’t go wrong with this dinner party, and thanks to our second-year hosts, Jean and Douglas Jackson at their home in Petworth. They served up steamed crabs and all the fixings. Thanks to them for hosting – and to guests for donating!

Gourmet Pizza Night

This party was the perfect ending to our season of parties with a purpose. With a beautiful night, a backyard pizza oven, great food and wine, and a terrific Latin crowd – this party closed us out in style. Thanks to hosts David Yarkin & Courtney Carlson, Susan Zentay & Adrian McAloon, and Peter Bakel & Elizabeth Hanlon for the party and the inspiring words about our teachers and the Faculty Fund!