The annual middle school science fair was filled with excitement and curiosity on the part of students, teachers, and judges. To complete their projects students formed hypotheses and designed experiments to test their ideas, carried them out, and then assessed the results. These projects build scientific understanding and critical thinking skills. Fifth grade winners included Joshua Freeman in first place, Margaret Claire in second place, Zoey Derricott in third place, and a tie for fourth place between Greer McPhee, Capri Romney & Sophia Smith, Summer Romney & Catherine Shepherd, and Hugh Bakel & Jancarlo Diaz Rodriguez.
Finally Naihm O’Donovan came in fifth place. Honorable Mentions included Shayla Greaux, Ruby-Rae McCants, Bennet Fisher & Michael Tichy, Aitana Camponovo, Margaret Southworth, Madeline Sickel, Oscar Murray, and Jack Pearson. Sixth and seventh grade winners included Meerabela Kempf and Lucas Rohde in first place, Nykolas Lewis in second place,  Zoe Woods-Arthur in third place, Anja Pratt, Claire Flakker, and Lauren Boyer in fourth place, and Kidist Getachew. Honorable mentions included Mackie Boone, Tillie Freed, Josie McCartney, Kai McFadgion, Ethan Black, Stephen Showalter, Elias Baldwin, Ben Yarkin, and Eamonn McAloon, Jonathan Kuhn.