In the second annual Convocation, the students in all grades met in the gym to welcome the new school year. The Jazz Band performed, and student speakers included senior Jay Antoine, tenth grader Kimberly Montpelier, ninth grader Niko Davis and eighth grader Luca Camponova. Mr. Anderson addressed the students about the challenges and importance of maintaining a thriving diverse community, even in times when events like the protests in Charlottesville divide the country and cause rifts in communities. Ms. Smith asked our students to think about how they could find answers to the complex problems that our society faces, and help teach the adults in the world lessons about sensitivity and kindness. (Watch this video filmed and produced by Mr. Neil Berment of the Convocation.)


This annual event helps build school pride and a sense of unity among the eight grades that attend Washington Latin. It is also a chance for students and administrators to broach difficult and important topics for further discussion. Our school also hosts quarterly assemblies which provide students a chance to speak publicly in front of their peers on a designated topic and offers teachers a chance to commend various students for their kindness and support of the community.