Over the weekend nine middle school students participated in the Model UN conference at Holton Arms School.  Three Latin students were recognized at the Closing Ceremony for their excellent debating skills. Seventh Grader, Tomas Portilla-Marchiori was named the “Outstanding Delegate” on his committee, UN Environmental Program ( UNEP). Tomas represented the country of Russia and debated the topic, ” Island Ecosystems.”  Eighth grader, Liam Murphy, was named the “Outstanding Delegate” on his committee:  Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian ( SOCHUM).  Liam represented the country of the Dominican Republic and debated the topic, “Drug Trafficking.” Seventh grader, Ganesh Bhojwani, received a “Verbal Commendation” from the chairs of his committee while serving on the Disarmament International Security committee (DISEC).  Ganesh debated the topic, “Chemical Weapons.”  Other student participants included Nico David-Fox, seventh grader,  represented the country of Japan and served on the Disarmament and Security committee ( on the topic of “Chemical Weapons.” Shreya Kelly,  Josie McCartney, and Mackie Boone, all seventh graders, served on the UN Women committee. Shreya represented the country of India, Josie represented the country of  Jordan, and Mackie represented the country of Oman. Their committee debated the topic of “Women Refugees and Women Migrants.” Elias Baldwin, seventh grader, represented the county of Lebanon, while serving on the committee of the UN Security Council. His committee debated the topic ” Russia in the Ukraine.” Ben Yarkin, seventh grader, represented the country of Iran, while serving on the UN Educational, Scientific , and Cultural committee ( UNESCO).  His committee debated the topic: “Journalism Under Attack.”